Defend Aid Cream (Parasites)


DEFEND-AID A to Z Cream is a specially formulated natural bio-insecticide designed to safeguard human architecture against invasive pests.
Harnessing the power of liposome technology, the carrier is 1000 times smaller than a human cell, ensuring unparalleled penetration into cells and parasite eggs.

Defend-Aid – A to Z Cream
Your natural bio-insecticide shield

100ml Gentle neutral cream base
* Special blend of essential oils
* Chitosan
* Salicylic Acid
* Vitamin E
Not irradiated, no additives

Effective against invasive “pests”
This product utilises advanced liposome technology for superior topical penetration
Natural defense without the use of harmful chemicals
Fortify your environment naturallyu with this wonderful product


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    Defend Aid Cream (Parasites) - Natural Defense Against ParasitesDefend Aid Cream (Parasites)
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