Covid (Corona) Essentials for Every Day



Daily health management (naturally and safely)

4 Fabulolus all-natural, healsome products for you

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Four must-have items to keep up with the crazy times

we find ourselves in

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Corona Healthy Combo

All you need to stay fit and healthy in these uncertain times 

This affordable combo contains:

1.  Colloidal Silver 50ml Pocket Spray
Maskne and irritated skin?  Masks are causing all sorts of havoc with our skin.  bio-Sil’s Colloidal Silver Pocket Spray (refillable) offers a refreshing answer.  Use it as a face mist, spray face frequently throughout the day.  Spray inside your mask and use as a safe and natural sanitiser.
2.  Mask
Struggling to breathe?
These masks fill the mandate of a face covering while allowing you to breathe normally and cleanly!
3.  Colloidal Silver Healing Gel
Use on fever blisters and mask-related rashes.  Also effective for any bites, burns or skin abrasions

4,  Colloidal Silver 1 litre

Refill your pocket spray 20 times with this 1 litre bottle.  Take an oral dose daily as an immune system booster


Bundle normal price :    R365

Bundle special price :     R292

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