Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray (50ml)

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Safe, naural, refillable from any of the larger colloidal silver bottles so you need only purchase this sprayer once!


Pure colloidal silver nasal spray (50 ml) 

Safe, naural, refillable from any of the larger colloidal silver bottles so you need only purchase this sprayer once!

Nose Spray: A Spray of Relief for Sinus Problems - Ear, Nose, and Throat Center - Everyday Health

Apply directly to nostrils in cases of  * colds  * flu  * nasal congestion, * sinus

“Sniff” it right into the sinuses (best done lying down) and let this wonderful colloidal silver go to work eliminating infections and restoring easy breathing.

Apply as frequently as is desired.  There are no side effects

Here’s why Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray is so amazing at supporting optimal immune and nasal health
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Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Your mucosal immune system is said to be the most important component of your entire immune system. A part of your mucosal immune system lies directly behind your nose, protectively lining your nasal passages and sinuses. Because it is one of your body’s first lines of defense, you need it to work efficiently and optimally. An important way to support your mucosal immune system is by maintaining clean and healthy sinuses and nasal passages.

Colloidal silver is an effective and non-toxic mixture composed of silver particles suspended in a liquid solution. Colloidal silver can help support optimal immune health as well as your body’s natural ability to heal. Both of these properties make colloidal silver an excellent ingredient in nasal sprays. When combined with the immune-supporting properties of essential oils, colloidal silver nasal spray can also help support the healthy functions of your nasal mucosal immune system.

In this feature article, you will learn about the nasal mucosal immune system, how it protects your body against threats, and how colloidal silver nasal spray can help you maintain a healthy nasal mucosal immune system.











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