Dog Biscuits – CBD ‘Chillout’ Treats (Zendogz) – pure, natural ingredients


Pet CBD ‘Chillout’ Treats


  • Apple
  • Oats
  • Whole-wheat flour
  • Honey (badger friendly)
  • Free range eggs
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil
  • CannaChi CBD Gold oil   /3mg per biscuit

Product Description

Pet CBD ‘Chillout’ Treats (30 pieces)

Treat your poochie/s !





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CBD Pet Benefits

Helps epilepsy and seizures

Prevents and kills cancer

Reduces anxiety

Relieves pain

Reduces inflammation

Helps with bowel disease

Protects the nervous system

Increases appetite

Good for the heart

Safe and effective




Whole-wheat flour

Honey (badger friendly)

Free range eggs


Vegetable oil

CannaChi CBD Gold oil   /3mg per biscuit

** These biscuits are tested through the NAFS




Enjoy reading about how this range came into being:

Zendogz Natural Pet Products were born the day my humans looked into my eyes and fell in love. I became the Top Dog, ruler of the house and Prince Peanut within the hour.

Enchanted by my pawsomeness, my humans recognised the importance of not only feeding me healthy foods, which includes Olive Oil and Moringa, but also to keep my skin and fur clean by using non-toxic, safe for the environment and bug repellent shampoo.

Truth be barked, my humans are all about living life the natural way. Extensive research was undertaken  and I became a shiny, wet-nose and wagging-tail example of how healthy and beautiful a coat can look using only natural pet products.

As proud Top Dog and Brand Ambassador of Zendogz Pawsome Pet Care Products, I turn heads wherever I go! Now, I do know it is because I am partly such a handsome hound, but it is also greatly attributed to the fact that the Zendogz products are keeping me looking dashing!

I recently inherited a sister as my partner iin hole-digging, tug of war and children magnet. Lady Roxy, the Chief Snapper of Happiness at Zendogz is now sporting a soft and velvety coat thanks to the expanded range of Natural Pet Products that were created just for her.

After a morning run with our humans, eliciting the barks and howls of other K9 friends along the way, we had a lick-attack board meeting. It was agreed, with a few extra loving nibbles, that our homemade with love Natural Pet Products should be made available to all our friends as well.

Being a hunting dog, my nose has sniffed the products for naturalness and I give them the Peanut paw of approval. As Top Dog, I give all my paw-friends the assurance and promise that Zendogz Natural Pet Products contain only natural ingredients, they are eco-friendly, because who wants to sniff at chemicals? and each bottle is lovingly handmade by our humans.


Woof woof!

Additional information

Weight.50 g


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