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Castor Oil, organic (200ml)

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Product: Organic : Certified organic, cold pressed and hexane-free
For skin care, eye irritations, acne, skin hydration, sunburn, face mask, promote hair growth, compresses

Product Description

Castor Oil 

100% organic
Certified organic, cold pressed and hexane-free
(200ml glass container)

For skin care, eye irritations, acne, skin hydration, sunburn, face mask, promote hair growth, compresses

Not recommended to be taken orally

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Castor Oil Compresses

How to –
Place a small  circle of the castor oil on compress – in the middle. It will slowly spread on the compress.
You could apply this to a bone spur, a sore wrist, joints, sore knees, congested chest (slightly larger compress) with a hot water bottle on top.
On abdomen for irritable bowel syndrome, constipation – it will help break up congestion there.
Gallstones, revive liver (under right rib), kidneys (kidney stones).
You will need a plastic covering for the compress, e.g. a zip-lock plastic bag,  as it could soil clothes.
One can sleep with the compress in place.
(Ref Barbara O’Neill – You Tube – Digestive Tract – this is well worth watching to understand the basics of great health)

Other benefits from Castor Oil compresses

Castor Oil penetrates deeper than any other oil, breaks up lumps, bumps, adhesions, even a bone spur
(it may take a while if the condition has been there for a long time) – just keep at it
As a compress it is not drawing anything out of you. The compress is a vehicle to hold the oil so it can penetrate
Every day you could apply the compress, fold it over and next day open up, add a little more oil and apply again

You can use it for tumours, cysts, even breast cancer

Uterine fibroid – one lady first used a recommended yam cream product to reduce the oestrogen and applied the castor oil compresses to her abdomen.

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Here are 12 Healthy Uses of Castor Oil:

  1. Combats Wrinkles – Use it to reduce scars, skin issues, and wrinkles. Since it is high in elastin and collagen, it helps to rejuvenate the skin. Repeat daily for 4-6 months
  2. Soothes muscle pain – Castor oil relieves the pain in the muscles. So if you have problems with you muscles, use it to solve this issue
  3. Repairs split hair ends – To nourish your hair and repair the split ends, apply it on dry hair several times daily
  4. Soothes sunburn – Mix some castor and coconut oil and apply this mixture over the affected areas to calm the sunburns, hydrate the skin, and stimulate the repairing properties of the skin
  5. Nourishes Dry Skin – Castor oil contains unsaturated fats which penetrate deeply into the skin and hydrate it. Apply a thick layer of this oil to the skin to strengthen it and support skin health
  6. Helps Hair Development – Castor oil regulates the pH levels of the scalp, repairs split ends, reduces dandruff, and prevents hair breakage. After its use, the hair becomes shiny, healthy, and silky.  Apply castor oil to the scalp, and all the way to the hair ends. Leave it to act until the next morning, and then rinse it. You can also mix it with almond or coconut oil
  7. Prevent Stretch Marks – To prevent the appearance of stretch marks after and during the pregnancy period, you should mix a tablespoon of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of almond oil
    Then apply the mixture to the affected areas. You can also massage the place with castor oil for 10min every day, and wrap a plastic bag. Leave it thus for half an hour. The unsaturated fats in castor oil support the ability of the skin to recover the tissues and improve its condition
  8. Body cleanse – Mix a couple of tablespoons of this oil with some orange juice, and take it to cleanse the system. Its effects begin after 2-5 hours
  9. Thickens Eyelashes And Eyebrows – Application of castor oil to the eyelashes and eyebrows for 2-3 weeks will thicken them and boost their growth
  10. Treats fragile nails and fungus –The mixture of castor and olive oil will boost the health of your nails, and will also fight fungus
  11. Repairs dry lips – Mix some glycerin, a tablespoon of castor oil, and a few tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the lips and leave it to act over the night. You can also use a combination of castor and almond oil
  12. Treats corns and Calluses – Its properties will also treat corns and calluses, and hydrate the skin of the heels. You should soak the feet in some warm water for 10 minutes, and file them with a pumice stone to remove any dry, thick skin


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