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Canna Bliss Cream

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Cannabliss Cream 30ml

This cream is a divine, wholly natural product with an active CBD oil basis
Your face and body will love it!


Product Description

Canna Bliss Cream 30ml

10 Beauty Rules for Summer

A beautiful new addition to the Bio-Sil skincare range.

This cream is a wholly natural product with an active CBD oil basis.

It is effective in:

  • rapidly reducing blemishes (liver/age spots)
  • tightening skin
  • helping fight damage through sun / ageing / burns / trauma etc.
  • providing the skin with nutrients which will assist with healing – specifically, cannabinoids which we are finding more and more, the body has receptors for.

This is a luxurious product with great texture and fragrance.

Many folks are finding this to be a wonderful night cream and use our Moringa Serum Cream as a daily moisturiser (for Men and for Women)

Latest review:
Email: Sweetcharmsweet@gmail.com
This is truly an amazing serum. I received a sample with my purchase of Canna Bliss and am so impressed! It glides on like pure silk, feels like silk and leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. It is perfect for using under foundation as well. I am back today to purchase some before my sample runs out, I have found that it can be used on its own but really compliments my Canna Bliss, it’s truly amazing! Honestly, I can’t say enough about both products, I have seen truly miracle results using both of them and it does not take weeks to see the result, it takes only hours and just gets better and better. Thank you for this amazing serum, it’s gold!


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Cannabliss Cream 30ml feedback

 1.  I’ve been using the cream for a couple of months and have had great results.
I initially got the cream to use as a night cream, as I needed something to nourish my dry skin.  I only need to use a little for my skin to feel hydrated & soft.
After a month or so of using the cream, I noticed a visible improvement around my eye area, where I had fine lines and small yellowish spots, which I was told was due to cholesterol.  The spots basically disappeared within two months

2.  Due to my 2nd pregnancy I also had pigmentation areas on my face, which has almost totally disappeared.  I used to use foundation to cover the areas, however, haven’t really needed to for the past couple of months

3.  My daughter also struggles with eczema on her arm, and uses the cream when the area flares up

4.  We have used the cream for grazes, sunburnt skin, and dry heels, etc. and have had positive results for almost all the conditions we have treated with the cream.  (VW)

5.  I absolute adore this cream – it is absorbed quickly and leaves my skin soft but not oily.  A sun-damage mark is already fading!

6.  I am writing to give you feedback on this cream that I have been using these past few months.

As a qualified CIDESCO beauty therapist I have used many up-market night creams, however I find your cream to be one of the most effective.

My skin is dehydrated with fine lines and I am pleased to report that I am seeing a huge improvement in the condition of my skin.  Your cream keeps my skin hydrated for 8 hours with no tightness or flakiness.  The pores appear smaller and the fine lines round my eyes and mouth have improved.

I have given a sample to a friend who has extremely sensitive skin and has found it almost impossible to use creams without breaking out in a rash.  She has been using this cream for several weeks now and loves it.  There has been no adverse reaction and her skin is looking good.

I would thoroughly recommend this cream for all types of skin, even oily skin, as I have used it on the odd pimple and have found the pimple disappearing.  It hydrates and moisturises with no greasy residue on the skin and it is absorbed very quickly whilst improving the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. 

Yours sincerely,  Jeanne Quayle, CIDESCO Beauty Therapist


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3 reviews for Canna Bliss Cream

  1. Charmaine Sweetman

    I bought this cream to assist with dehydration and what a wonderful surprise I got! Upon the very first application I could immediately feel my skin soak up the moisture! Wow, I have used many products but this is the first one that gives results immediately. I use it morning and night and have found that not only does it keep my skin beautifully hydrated, my skin is definitely firmer, dehydration lines gone completely and the deeper lines have reduced considerably! Thank you!

  2. info@biosil.co.za

    Details provided via e-mail

    My client, Mr R, has had gout since Dec 2020. He now uses the spray and it has removed the bump on his toe as well has the swelling of his foot.

    I gave my client, Linda, a combo of spray and cream for her chronic arthritis in her hands. She can now crochet again. I supplied her with the spray last week.

  3. info@biosil.co.za

    I absolutely love this cream which is why we now stock it on the website! It is hugely nourishing, non greasy and maintains a level of moisture all day. I used to end the day with a very dry skin. Yvonne Cook

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