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Candle – Scented



Product Description

Candle – Scented 

  •  A lovely gift to yourself or someone special
  • Gorgeous to have on your desk or nearby table gently fragrancing the space naturally
  • Spread the good feelings brought about
  • Can also be used in candle focus sessions

Further information:

Candles are known for their soothing, healing properties and are often used by therapists, such as massage therapists, to create a peaceful ambience in their therapy rooms. The sheer act of lighting a candle, its lovely flicker and the gentle glow it creates, helps ease and soothe the mind. Give it a try the next time you have a stressful day: light a candle, watch the flame and just breathe for a few minutes – even just 60 seconds can make a big difference.

Meditation and Prayer:

Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support your practice. There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while sending your intentions into the universe. Candles are also used during prayer.

Burning candles can be beneficial to your health. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking care of your mind: lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well-being. If you ever feel enveloped by fear or feel anxious, burning candles can help with anxiety.


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