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Bladder Remedy Drops (50 ml)

IngredientsDandelion, Plantain, Willow, Horsetail, Bedstraw (Cleavers), Golden Rod, Knotgrass and Bearberry.

Benefits: Burning bladder, weak bladder, bladder infections, cystitis, bladder infections, burning urination, and inflamed bladder.

Suggested Dosage: 20 drops in a little water 3 times per day. In acute cases take every 2 hours for the first day.

Further Information:   The bladder is one of the components of the urinary system which also includes the kidneys, ureters, and urethra. The urinary system is responsible for the extraction of components from the blood, its storage, and excretion from the body. Being a part of this excretory system the bladder stores the urine before it is discharged from the body. As you can well imagine the bladder is under enormous stress because of the waste products being stored in it and passing through it.

There are some common ailments which can affect the bladder, which include:

  • Bladder stones

  • burning urine

  • Catarrh of the bladder

  • Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder)

  • Retention of urine (due to bladder weakness)

  • Ulcerations

These problems can be rather uncomfortable, to say the least.  Bladder Remedy uses a combination of herbs that work in synergy to treat the above conditions.

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Dandelion:  Dandelion is used for its ability to increase peripheral circulation and its diuretic properties, aiding with the removal of retained water caused by poor circulation, particularly in the legs.

Horsetail:  Horsetail is used to help control internal and external bleeding and is an astringent, healing herb. It also helps to rejuvenate the hair, nails, and skin increases calcium absorption, and helps to rebuild connective tissue. It is the plant that absorbs the most gold from the soil, making it useful in treating arthritis. Internally, it is used for the treatment of prostate problems, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, incontinence, cystitis, and urethritis, as well as arthritis, and haemorrhage. It is high in silica, which assists in the repairing of connective tissue and cartilage, as well as for healing wounds

Plantain:  Plantain is useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, soothes inflamed membranes, sinus, cystitis where there is bleeding and coughs.

Willowherb:  Willow is used for the treatment of cystitis, arthritis gout, and neuralgia. It is also indicated for the treatment of the inflammatory stages of autoimmune diseases and also for headaches.

Goldenrod:  Golden Rod is used to treat cystitis, urethritis, and other urinary conditions. It is also used for the speedy healing of wounds. It is also an anti-inflammatory urinary anti-septic. Flatulent dyspepsia (pain in the upper abdomen from swallowing too much air), is another condition that may be treated with Goldenrod. Other conditions that may be treated with Goldenrod include influenza and upper respiratory catarrh.

Bedstraw:  Bedstraw has many uses which include cystitis, incontinence, psoriasis, eczema, glandular fever, hepatitis, chronic fatigue, and weight loss.  Bladder Health Maintenance, bronchitis, cellular regeneration, bodily cleansing and detoxification, fever, urinary tract gravel and water retention are other conditions that are indicated. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Knotgrass:  Knotgrass has been used for urinary tract and reproductive organ infection and blood discharge of for many years. It is also used to treat incontinence and stone formation. It is also indicated for the treatment of weeping eczema and other skin conditions.

Bearberry:  Bearberry is indicated for the treatment of Cystitis, bedwetting, and kidney stones. It is also useful for the treatment of gall bladder conditions including inflammation and gall stones. It is also used to treat jaundice because of an inflamed liver. It is a bodily cleanser for weak and frail people. It is also indicated for an inflamed spleen.

Conclusion:  If you are experiencing any of the following conditions such as a weak bladder, infections, cystitis or burning urine, or any other urinary tract problems Bladder Aid is the one for you.

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Willow Herb




Bedstraw (Cleavers)


Golden Rod











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