Bee Hotels (a perfect loving gift)

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Solitary bees make up over 90% of all bee species in the world, and they are under threat. Purchase a bee hotel for yourself and one (or more) for friends and family …. and know you are contributing an important hand-up to our environment!

Product Description

Bee Hotel

A perfect gift for you or another special someone and a blessing to nature


We at Bio-Sil are just thrilled to be able to stock this wonderful product.
It is a perfect way to help one of our most important aspects of nature; the bees and specifically, the solitary bee.  They lay eggs in the “hotel rooms” from which the baby bees hatch when ready to get to work.
Fun for adults and educational for children to see how many of the little hotel rooms are taken, how soon!

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Description:  Please just secure your bee hotel to a safe place, protected from rain.  We have found verandahs to be the perfect spot.  Within a couple of days we welcomed our first residents!

Solitary bees make up over 90% of all bee species in the world, and they are under threat

Purchase one for yourself and one (or more) for friends and family …. and know you are making a valuable contribution to our environment!
Globally, bee abundance and diversity is diminishing. Scientists agree that habitat loss is the primary threat. Tutus Loco contributes to the conservation of these critical and under-recognised pollinators through manufacturing bee hotels that mimic their natural breeding sites, therefore offering them a refuge in the urban environment.
“In the end, experts agree that insects can survive without humanity, but humanity likely can’t survive without insects. They tend every square inch of living soil; they aerate and fertilize; they break down waste and organic debris. They also sit at the base of the food chain, feeding millions of animals and, by extension, us.” Mongabay



Proudly contribute to conserving our biodiversity, with over 1200 species of solitary bees in South Africa, by providing them with a safe place to live and breed.


Watching the daily happenings of your bee hotel will encourage you and your family to appreciate and learn about the small, and very critical, wonders of the world.


Encouraging biodiversity in your garden helps to create a balanced ecosystem which in turn provides benefits such as improved health, growth and reproduction of your plants as well as the reduced need for pesticides.

The lovely background story to these beautiful products as told by Peter Webb:

In 2016 I was invited because of my observational skills in the field to help Dr Connal Eardley, South Africa’s solitary bee expert conduct a solitary bee survey in the Kalahari. I started with little knowledge of solitary bees, but after many hours together in the quiet of the Kalahari discussing and documenting these amazing creatures, I came home with a new passion. Already a member of the Lepidopterist (Butterfly and Moth) Society of Africa, as well as a registered spider collector for the ARC (I had contributed a large number of photographs and specimens to the Agricultural Research Centre, ARC). I now had another thing to get excited and passionate about.

We (my wife, Laurie, and I) researched further and experimented with wood and bamboo making the first hotels. I would say that they were semi-successful. Bees moved in but some holes attracted nothing at all. Those original hotels are still hanging on our veranda many years later and the holes are still empty. This of course gave us invaluable insight. We corrected our mistakes, experimented further, and the next season we had a full house! Much joy!

As the months went by, it remained a passionate hobby. However as more family and friends asked for bee hotels we started to see a business opportunity. At the time I was working full time and into my third year capturing data and photographing moths for one of the country’s leading moth experts, with the objective of a new Moth reference guide for South Africa. Unfortunately for the project, as I still hope to see it fulfilled, but fortunately for Tutus Loco, the project was put on hold. At the same time Laurie was retrenched. This presented, apart from some stress at the time, the great opportunity to really focus on and drive what we hoped was a new beginning. As they say timing is everything. So began Tutus Loco as we buried ourselves into our little business heart and soul.

Four years on and we could never have foreseen how this has changed our lives. We have been blown away by the interest in bee hotels and solitary bees. We are active at markets, have been invited to give talks, have large corporates requesting gifts, and now partners approach us to sell our products. We have met the most amazing people, people who are inspired by nature and want to do their very best for the earth. Our products have been placed in almost all countries around the world with great success.

We are so grateful and so excited to continue this exciting adventure!

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3 reviews for Bee Hotels (a perfect loving gift)

  1. Viv C

    We’re so excited! Our hotel is almost fully occupied – lovely to feel we are doing our bit to help the bee population! Viv

  2. Mandy

    One of my favourite products, something selfless for our planet and save the bees!!

  3. Chantelle

    Such a cool concept. I didnt know there were so many different species of bees. We already have a few visitors in our bee hotel, 1 week after getting ours!

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