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Apricot Kernels, whole, 200 grams

Contains Vitamin B17 which *attacks cancer cells. These should be added to all cancer protocols. Also available in vegan capsules on this website

Please visit this link for further information and please do your own research – this will greatly assist with healing :


Caution: If pregnant, nursing, have or had kidney disease or taking  medication, kindly consult with your health professional

Some further information can be found at this link:

Is Vitamin B17 The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer?

Suggested dosage : 4-15 kernels daily as suggested by your health practitioner


… and a lovely story posted on Facebook 10.9.19

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Alex Steblowsky is with Gail Vincent.

This is my friend Gail Vincent, tough as nails & gentle as a baby’s breath. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical/Uterine Cancer and cured herself.

“In 1975 I was 22 years old when my Doctor informed me I had Stage 3 Cervical/Uterine Cancer. He suggested removing parts, but myself didn’t like that idea, at all. My Sister gifted me a book – World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17. I read it. And I changed my diet and began eating everything I could containing Laetrile (B17).”

“My family & friends helped – they started consuming apricots and saving me the pits! I’m 65 years old now, have all my parts, a mother of 2, a grandmother of 3 and a great grandmother of 6! Stay Well – Eat Your Pits!”

“I quit red meat, sugar & processed foods. I increased fresh fruits & vegetables, made sure my elimination process worked every day & BELIEVED I was healing myself! I also had a great support team – my entire family! Even if they believed me crazy, they kept it to themselves, saved me seeds/pits and wished me wellness!” – Gail Vincent

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