Apricot Kernel vegan capsules


Apricot Kernel Capsules  ..  60 vegan capsules  (555mg per capsule)   Also known as Laetrille

Contains Vitamin B17 which *helps eliminate cancer cells. These should be added to all cancer protocols.

Apricot Kernel capsules

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We no longer stock the whole apricot kernels

Contents :
60 vegan capsules, all natural, not irradiated
555mg per capsule

Suggested Dosage:
4-20 Capsules times per day

Contains Vitamin B17 which *helps eliminate cancer cells.
These could be added to all cancer protocols.
Also known as “laetrile

Apricot Kernel Oil - Virgin
Please be sure to follow recommended guidelines and stop if there are any negative effects.
Please also conduct your own research on this product before taking it.

Laetrile Studies:
While many practitioners assert that Laetrile is a qualified cancer treatment, most agree that it shouldn’t be the primary cancer treatment for any patient — instead, certain experts recommend that it be used as an add-on supplement.
Please do conduct your own further research – there is an excellent link herebelow.

Caution: I
If pregnant, nursing, have or had kidney disease;  or taking  medication, kindly consult with your natural health professional

Further Information:
Please do take a look at this excellent article by Dr Axe on this subject :

Apricot seeds contains a toxic chemical known as amygdalin, which is also referred to as Laetrile. Some companies call this compound “vitamin B17” in order to label and market the product as an essential substance.
In the body, this chemical is converted to cyanide, which is poisonous and can cause serious harm.

There has been interest in using apricot kernels, which are inside the seeds, to fight cancer because of this toxic chemical that fights cancer cells before it’s converted to cyanide and spread throughout the body. Some researchers believe that the cyanide would only harm the cancerous tumor, but scientific studies suggest that this isn’t always true”

* My husband had major colon surgery in 2021. He was diagnosed with colon cancer. I searched on how to help him by giving him natural supplements as he showed up with terrible side affects from Chemo. I searched for a specific product and found it with you. Such a blessing. Master Detox. In 2022 he had no chemo and I started with Master Detox and oils in December 2022. His CEA count came down and his CA19 count as well. He was having Milk Thistle as well. Also the Apricot Kernel pills.
Thank you for your dedicated service with so much love and care. I am sharing your product name with others around me.
Blessings.  (JS)

* I used MMS together with the Apricot kernel capsules on my dog who had a huge tumor on the side of his head. The Vet gave him 2 weeks at the most to live and said it was a very aggressive cancer, the tumour appeared within a week and she confirmed the cancer with a biopsy. After 2 weeks on the cancer regimen we saw an improvement, by 3 weeks later the tumour was gone. That was 2 years ago, my dog is still alive today.














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    Apricot Kernel 60 Vegan Capsules Bottle - Vitamin B17 for Cancer Cell EliminationApricot Kernel vegan capsules
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