Acne Treatment Pack



Problem Skin Remedy – a popular and effective product

  1. Colloidal silver
  2. Colloidal silver cleansing bar
  3. Skin Soother
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Acne Treatment Pack – 3 effective products

  1.   Colloidal Silver – for use as a cleanser and internal cleanser
  2.   Lavender colloidal silver soap for cleansing
  3.   Skin Soother colloidal silver healing cream

We do also recommend that one looks at lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, body cleanse, detox, de-parasite ….. to speed up the process and maintain progress made.

We can assist with these processes!

Just drop us a mail at 

A perfect aid to this package is our Amish Balm which can be applied as a face mask, also with wonderful and fast results. Available at this webstore!


Three Easy Steps:

  1. Cleanse face with Bio-Sil Lavender Colloidal Silver Soap bar
  2. Drink 15-30 ml Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver daily; use this same liquid as a skin toner.
  3. Apply Bio-Sil Skin Soother to the face as frequently as desired. After a few minutes, moisturiser and/or make-up can be applied.

An enthusiastic and happy Acne Pack customer coined the term: ‘Drink your skin toner!’

NOTE:  If extra moisturising is required please see our wonderful Moringa Oil which is both nourishing and healing

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Weight500 g


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