Acne Treatment Pack


3 Effective products for problem skin and non-problem skin as well
An important note with regard to anyone with Acne or skin problems is that it is most likely precipitated by PARASITES.  
Bio-Sil has a number of protocols and good articles, well worth researching in our Library on the subject of all-invasive parasites.  Here is a link:



Acne Treatment Pack
3 proven effective products for skincare in a popular kit

  1.  Colloidal Silver – for use as a facial cleanser and internal body cleanser :
  2.  Lavender colloidal silver soap
  3.  Skin Soother colloidal silver healing cream  

Application : Three Easy Steps::
1. Cleanse face with Bio-Sil Lavender Colloidal Silver Soap bar
2. Drink 15-30 ml Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver daily.
Use this same liquid as a skin toner
3. Apply Bio-Sil Skin Soother to the face as frequently as desired. After a few minutes, moisturiser and/or make-up can be applied

Highly recommended to accompany this programme for skin problems is a
Parasite Cleanse – parasites cause havoc in the body!  Several products are available from this website, e.g. Parasite & Worm Eliminate (3 month programme) capsules, Viral Boost or Master Detox


The perfect MOISTURISER – try our new product: Skin Serum
(non oily)


We also recommend that one looks at lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, body cleanse,
detox, de-parasite at regular intervals through the year
For further information, please click here:


A further aid to this package is our Amish Drawing Balm which can be applied as a face mask, also with wonderful and fast results. Available at this webstore

Face mask:  Amish Drawing Balm can also be used as a wonderful enhancing face mask
Apply to the face and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.  Repeat this weekly

Spotty skin:  To help clear a spotty skin,  one can apply this healing balm as a face mask or anywhere the acne is, leaving it on for 15 mins –  then using a face cloth with warm water to gently remove.  A natural face wash may then be used to remove any residue.  After this apply a natural face serum. such as Skin Soother  ( as the pores will be open and receptive

For a deep facial cleanse, apply and leave it to form a light crust before rinsing off


received via e-mail from Charmaine:
Just wanted to let you know we are very impressed with the acne pack, thank you so much! I bought it for my son as he is struggling with acne outbreaks. What a wonderful surprise we got! He was excited to start so used it the evening it arrived and we saw a difference immediately! Wow, we did not expect that at all! The angry red bumps and horrible ugly pimples immediately shrank and altho the marks were still there, the pimples went completely flat, lol, I don’t know how else to describe it. He uses it morning and night and if he forgets, we can see it straight away. It really works, thank you so much for yet again another amazing product! All your products that I have used are nothing short of amazing.

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    Acne Treatment Pack - Colloidal Silver, Lavender Soap, and Skin Soother Cream BundleAcne Treatment Pack
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