PROBIOTICS- Why Liquid Probiotics?


and introducing our new liquid PROBIOTIC FOR PETS ….


Many probiotics on the market today can be found in tablet or powder format which is another variation to the probiotic line-up. We have opted to go the liquid route … Why?


First up, let us explain what constitutes ‘dry’ probiotics: 

Dry capsule probiotics are made in such a way that they will first identify particular bacteria that are good for the gut and they will then grow them each individually in a laboratory and multiply them into the billions of ‘colony forming units’ or CFU’s. These CFU’s are then freeze dried in order to be kept alive and put into capsules. Why do they need billions of CFU’s? This is due to the fact that the bacteria are not very resilient and so many of them may die before reaching the gut or they may not be very responsive by the time they reach the gut.

These bacteria have not been exposed to real world conditions as they are grown individually in a lab with no competition- meaning they have not had to survive, compete or adapt themselves and thus, are not very robust! The dry probiotic companies have solved this problem by producing CFU’s in the billions per dosage so that even if some of them die out, enough are making it through to the gut. In conclusion, dry probiotics/ capsules are not the most natural form of bacteria and are still not as strong as probiotics should be in order to make enough of a difference in our bodies.

With fermented, liquid probiotics the difference is that there is a whole diverse group of bacteria which are grown together in real world conditions, are given a food source and have to survive together. This means that while they are growing, they are adapting, the weaker ones are dying out and they are fighting off any leftover bad bacteria, all of this while keeping each other (the good bacteria) alive. This means that at the end of the fermentation cycle, you have a group of extremely resilient bacteria that have not only adapted to the real world conditions in which they were grown but they have also created an environment that is good for them to live in!

So how does this relate back to our liquid probiotics? 

They are live, non-freeze dried, liquid probiotics which are more effective than Kombucha, Kefir, Maas or any other fermented, liquid probiotic.

Due to the stringent temperature controls and controls of sugars and pH in the brewing process, we are blessed with a product that is stable for more than two years once bottled! You cannot find another liquid, fermented probiotic like it! Being the only live probiotic with a shelf life of such makes these products revolutionary in today’s age!

An added bonus is that these are vegan-friendly product swhile being gluten and lactose free as well as safe for diabetics to take too

Probiotics help your body to function properly in every way imaginable. From boosting your immunity and overall energy levels to aiding in digestion, bloating, mood swings, skin conditions, asthma and the list goes on. If your gut microbiome is in balance, then so is your body! Which is why we decided to bring you the very best in probiotics in their most natural, liquid state.

Quick zip-over to probiotic products:

Probiotic for Babies and Children (500ml)


Probiotic Health Booster Micro Organisms

Probiotic: Radiant Health – natural, extra strength

and great news: 

We now have an easy-to-administer spray (liquid) PROBIOTIC FOR PETS

Pet Probiotic, natural (25ml and 100ml)

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