Probiotics – how to tell if they’re working


We constantly speak about the need for probiotics and the benefits of such, yet how do we know, as individuals, if they are really working for our bodies?

The delicate balance in the gut can be disturbed by many factors, such as inflammatory foods (like sugars), antibiotic use, birth control pills, artificial sweeteners, gut infections, stress, anxiety and so the list goes on.

When there is this imbalance in the gut, health problems arise- food sensitivities, candida infections, lowered immunity, skin issues, joint pain, mood swings and digestive issues. A healthy microbiome has the right balance and composition of good and bad bacteria which is where natural probiotics keep this in check for us.

Probiotics, together with a healthy diet and lifestyle are what may be needed to regain that balance of good and bad bacteria in a bid to support overall health and wellness.

As everyone’s microbiome is different and everyone’s body reacts differently to starting probiotics, a few people may experience bloating, gas, diarrhoea and even cramps. This is a good thing as it shows that things may be starting to change in your gut!

Remember, probiotics correct the microbial balance and any side effects are only caused if your gut is in a compromised state and the body is then trying to correct these disorders. Many people see these side effects as a sign for them to stop taking probiotics but they are only minor and are the beginning steps to making you feel your best self!


After around a week, your body will start to regulate and get used to the probiotics in its system and within the month, you should be noticing these differences:

1. Regulated bowel movements and reduced gas and bloating

Probiotics help you to digest the food you eat properly which leads to regular bowel movements and less discomfort and inflammation in the digestive tract.

2. You should have fewer sugar and carbohydrate cravings

Our intestinal microorganisms are capable of changing our behaviour and our appetite in order to get more of the substrates they thrive on. Bad gut flora thrives on sugars as a fuel source to reproduce while good gut flora’s food source is probiotic fibre (such as in vegetables and fruit) so when the gut is in balance, sugar cravings will start to disappear altogether

3. Increased energy

One of the roles of beneficial bacteria is to extract nutrients from the food we eat, so you may start to see that you have increased energy levels now that you are absorbing more vitamins and minerals from your meals

4. Weight loss

Beneficial microbes help with nutrient absorption which regulates the hunger hormones, reduces inflammation and balances blood sugar which are all so important for weight loss!

5. Improved immunity with less colds, flu and infections

As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, 80% of your immunity is located within your digestive tract. This is where the good gut bacteria teams up with the immune cells to boost their overall defence against pathogens and toxins which we are exposed to every day

6. Decreased anxiety

The increase in beneficial bacteria in the gut is directly linked to your brain and thus, your mood. The gut-brain axis is what the gut microbes use to send messages to the brain and back. This means a happy gut is shown to decrease depression, anxiety and so on.

7. You should be in a better mood

90% of your body’s serotonin is made by the microbes in the gut. When the gut is healthy and balanced, it is better equipped to regulate your mood and enhance positive feelings

8. Fewer seasonal allergies

With the right balance of good and bad gut flora, your immune system is strong enough to fight off allergens you would normally suffer from

9. Decreased yeast infections and thrush

By restoring the bacterial balance in the gut, it supports the microbial ecosystem in the female genital region which helps to prevent infections or manage already active ones

10. Lastly, your skin’s appearance and health should improve


A healthy gut microbiome decreases inflammation and helps to eliminate waste. Since your skin is an organ of detoxification, a healthy gut means a clear and radiant skin!

These are the benefits you should be feeling once your body begins to get used to using probiotics. With natural probiotics, one must keep in mind that it is a process and one that your body has to get used to. If you haven’t helped your gastro-intestinal tract in years, it could take longer for the body to detoxify before you experience these results. Don’t be scared off by the initial stages, rather love the fact that your body is on its way to healing through the gut and that you will experience a myriad of improvements within a short space of time. Trust the process and heal your gut



Taking a good, natural, probiotic such as shown above, will assist in promoting a healthy gut environment 

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