Parasites – important information

Parasites – a compilation of my personal notes (Yvonne) from some of the great researchers in the world, including

Dr Edward Group and Dr Lee Merrick

Parasites ….. NOT only worms.  They consist of a vast array of invaders in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms.  Here is a small sampling :

A parasite is actually any harmful organism that lives in a human body and does harm, steals nutrition etc.   This includes too, fungus, candida, mould, Lyme Disease etc.  These invaders also eliminate (urinate / defacate) and die within the body’s natural mechanisms.  Imagine millions of dead critters swirling around in the body!!!!   We need to be prepared for their elimination as well as the hatching of thousands of eggs

It is super important to understand that within around three weeks of completing a parasite protocol, the eggs will start hatching in their thousands, which is why I recommend undertaking different ongoing protocols for now.  Unfortunately at this time there is no “one solution” for this scourge.

In addition to these horrors, there also exist synthetic and nano forms of parasite.   Those who would do us harm were using parasites as manufacturing facilities for dastardly deeds, in human bodies.  Some could even be activated through frequencies.   It defies imagination actually how cunning, culling and crafty the criminals have been, but let’s rather focus on solutions going forward in the immediate future.

There is no 100% solution for all parasites yet
As the full extent of this topic is only now unfolding (many medical practitioners still have no clue about this) …. there are no real hard and fast solutions yet, so please do your own research – I am including here information gleaned along the way in dealing with my own unwelcome invaders!

Best for now is a multi-faceted approach to take out all fungus, mould, bacteria, spirochetes, flukes, worms and syntheric parasites.   They contribute to just about every condition : migraines, nail fungus, heart disease, rheumatoic arthritis, all auto-immune diseases, in short … everything!

The best way to re-activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms, is cleaning and healing the gut, cleansing the liver, eliminating heavy metals, toxins and parasites.  My suggestion is to continually work at the elimination process, switching from one protocol to another and doing a good liver / gall bladder cleanse (over a weekend) every couple of months perhaps. 

Products which help eliminate parasites :

These products are available at this website :

Iodine, an essential nutrient anyway, is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
Parasite & Liver Cleanse
MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)
CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solutiion)
Pine Oil
Fenbendazole (Master Detox and Master Detox Plus)
Copper Citrate
Diatomaceous Earth

Pine Oil is a tried and tested folk remedy for parasites. Long ago farmers and even school nurses gave Pine Oil as a matter of course to children to eliminate parasites such as pinworms. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of Pine Oil in a glass with a teaspoon of honey and then mix with a tablespoon of warm water.
It tastes like pine sweets and is easy to take for children and adults alike

Another option : frequency healing machines – e.g. Scio / Rife

Please note:
A good probiotic for gut health is imperative

Please do your own research – we have further information available here on our website, for each of the products mentioned and which can be found on a search.
Please also visit the Library for articles and videos.
Your own personal healing is greatly boosted when you tackle the issue and then follow your own research.

PS Pets also suffer from parasites – a very similar story to that of humans actually.
There are products available for them, but best not the ones that are applied in the nape of the neck of between shoulder blades – pills or pastes are better.  Do be sure to always purify your ;ets’ drinking water with MMS or CDS.
Regular ingestion of MMS will also help them with parasites. Again, please do some research, especially with hese two products and we would just love to have your feedback – which we can share and help other pet parents.

We will keep you posted via the Bio-Sil website and community groups as further solutions become available

As always we wish you abundant health and restoration always


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