Pain Relief with Black Cumin Oil

Knee Osteoarthritis study in patients over 65 years of age using Black Cumin Oil (Nigella Sativa)

We have posted herebelow some excerpts from this clinical study which is available in full, at this link :

Excerpts from the study:

Study setting and participants

This study was conducted as a clinical trial (crossover) from November 21, 2014, to January 20, 2014. Procedure of the study was justified in elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the knee in elderly residing in a parents’ nursing home in Sabzevar City in Iran

All patients were evaluated before inclusion in this study. Age over 65 years diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis, according to American College Rheumatology


42 Patients participated in this study.

Topical use of Nigella Sativa Oil and oral ….. showed that pain intensity relief was 0.53 higher in Nigella Sativa Oil compared with oral acetaminophen


Nigella Sativa (N. Sativa) has a distinct reputation in Eastern medicine, and it is a commonly used ingredient in many recipes in South Asia and elsewhere .  In this study, the topical use of 1 cc Nigella sativa oil 3 times a day for 3 weeks reduced knee pain compared with oral acetaminophen in elderly patients with knee osteoarthritis with moderate pain


This study showed that topical use of Nigella Sativa oOl can be more effective in reducing knee pain in elderly patients than acetaminophen, which is typically used as a safe supplement for the elderly.  It is also recommended that the consumption of Nigella sativa oil be continued for a longer period of time

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