Morning Sickness / Nausea during pregnancy

The body goes through enormous changes and baby is absorbing a lot of minerals .

To counteract nausea, we  suggest taking tissue salts  (lactose and sugar free ones) which will supply the essential minerals and help baby too : 

Tissue Salts:  *Nat Sulph and *Kali Mur are good for the liver, the glandular, lymphatic and respiratory systems, and other soft-tissue development. These two can also safely help to counteract morning sickness for the mum.

Kali Mur has the ability to bind to chemical poisons and is able to remove congestion through the lymphatic systems 

Nat Sulf cleanses and purifies the body eliminating toxins from fluids surrounding cells in the body. 

It is the tonic for the liver salt – and helps biliousness or digestive upsets 


*Calc Fluor is good to take for the elasticity of the mom’s tissues as well as the foetal development of elastic tissues such as veins, lungs, digestive organs, muscles, ligaments and teeth. The amount of stretching that happens in pregnancy requires a constant supply of this tissue salt, recommended to use throughout the pregnancy, and for a few months afterwards, especially if there was a vaginal delivery and/or the mom is breastfeeding.

*Ginger tea or peppermint tea is also amazing

High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to mother’s heart ...


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