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… and a recent one to share for dog lovers:


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Unactivated MMS/MMS is called Protocol 1 and is discussed in the Ultimate Guide to Chlorine Dioxide Pg. 147. Download the Ultimate Guide Free in the introduction section of the free course here:

“I have a very old dog, 65 pound who’s crippled from being hit by a car. She got cancer in her tail which I tried to treat with CDS, but I was new to TUA and didn’t know about treating her orally with MMS1. So, not surprisingly, the twice daily topical CDS wasn’t enough and we ended up cutting off the tail . After 2-3 months, another oozing cancer sore had developed on her rear end.

The backstory is that my personal experience started with CDS, then I moved to MMS1 because it was supposed to be stronger, but I accidently overdosed on MMS1 and my body wanted nothing to do with it after that so I could only take like 1/8 of a drop for weeks and weeks (tho I’m up to 2 drops now after some 3 months). So one of the mods said I could take straight sodium chlorite drops only in water, with a bit of food and my stomach’s own HCL would make MMS in my stomach (this is called MMS without the 1 which is when you mix it in a glass with HCL and then add water). There are hardly any food restrictions with MMS as well, which is great. Plus, SC solution is pretty stable and doesn’t lose potency rapidly until you combine it with an acid, like both CDS and MMS1 do. MMS was working great for me so a few weeks after my dog’s cancer came back, I started using it with her, along with putting straight CDS on the sore twice a day.

They told me animals will self regulate their intake of MMS, and boy were they were right! I started her at 1 drop per quart and within a week to 10 days, she was at 8 drops per quart and drinking a lot of it. So I quickly went to 16 drops which was what they recommended as the full treatment dose for her. But she still couldn’t get enough and was drinking almost 2 quarts of MMS water a day. So I increased to 32 drops (which they had talked about but thought was too strong) and she still guzzled that but dropped to a little over 1 quart a day… 2-3 months after I started treating her (about 3 months with CDS topically and then around 2 months of MMS water), the sore had closed and healed she started regrowing hair there.

….I have to say, using MMS (SC only) is so much easier than trying to syringe doses of MMS1 down your pet throughout the day. And it’s complicated to try and figure out the right does even when you study Humble’s book. I was stunned to see how quickly my dog recognized it was helping her to the point she was drinking 4 times more water than usual from her bowl to get the amount of treatment she wanted…I checked on her often and offered fresh SC water every few hours when I could….So in my experience, MMS is the best option by far to use with animals. And a great bonus is that it’s so much easier to give and they can choose the correct dosage for themselves (animals are great at know what’s good for them). Of course, you still want to apply it topically to any wounds.

So just fyi for animal lovers”


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