MMS (chlorine dioxide ClO2) Feedback

MMS Feedback from The Universal Antidote page on Telegram

“I started using this Mineral from Heaven 10 months ago. I Was suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in my ears). Which left every nerve in my being  (entered the spinal column ) ravaged and wracked with chronic pain. Physical tremors and shaking. Terrible Anxiety. Depression. And  the virus kept coming back every 3 weeks  for 5 years (while using antiviral). GONE It has taken a good 6 months to work it out of my system. Bonus!: warts, gone. Skin pre cancer sun damage, dried up and fell off. Major fungal infection of sinus and skin Tinea Versicolor, gone. Dark spots and overall weird skin thingies, gone. Body odor, gone. Teeth And gums, awesome. Pink eye, gone. Bronchitis, gone. Sprained ankle wrist, no bruising and healed in a week. Chronic heartburn, gas from any foods. No more.”

I Was Suffering From Ramsey Hunt Syndrome
I started using this Mineral from Heaven 10 months ago. I Was suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (Shingles in my ears). Which left every nerve in my being  (entered the spinal column ) ravaged and wracked with chronic pain. Physical tremors and shaking. Terrible Anxiety. Depression. And  the virus kept coming back every 3 weeks  for 5 years (while using antiviral). GONE It has taken a good 6 months to work it out of my system. Bonus!: warts, gone. Skin pre cancer sun damage, dried up and fell off. Major fungal infection of sinus and skin Tinea Versicolor, gone. Dark spots and overall weird skin thingies, gone. Body odor, gone. Teeth And gums, awesome. Pink eye, gone. Bronchitis, gone. Sprained ankle wrist, no bruising and healed in a week. Chronic heartburn, gas from any foods. No more.
“MMS works! I have endometriosis. Severe cramps, body aches and back pain during my cycle. Massive blood clots and anaemic. I’m usually rolled up in a ball my first 3 days and can barely move. Been like this since I was 16 and now I’m 46.  After using MMS, I am currently on my 3rd day and I’ve had absolutely no cramps, no back pain and no blood clots. I don’t even feel like I’m on it. My flow went from super duper heavy to a less than regular flow. I used to go through 30 overnight pads every cycle. I am only on my 4th thin pad ! I’ve been running around buying Xmas gifts, cooking and cleaning the past 3 days with ease. Been telling everyone about MMS.”

 “I’ve known I’ve had a leaky gut for years due to a gluten and sugar based diet and many years of drinking vodka/tequila. I did the basics, digestive enzymes and bone broth but then my hair started falling out and I just wasn’t feeling right. Bloated, some weight gain, dull skin, major joint pain and stiffness and elevated TPO antibodies which signaled Hashimoto’s. 
I began the MMS starting procedure and it was a very slow process for me due to herx reactions from 1 drop! I did the mold/fungus protocol and then on to Protocol 1000 for 4 months. My bloating disappeared, I had way more energy and my joint pain was gone. My skin and eyes looked brighter and I felt amazing too. 
I backed off after 4 months and only doing maintenance doses a few times per week. I am so grateful for Chlorine Dioxide and for this group of knowledgeable people. Thank you CO for this platform and for your wonderful work.”

BONNY BABY BORN    You have asked me if it is safe to consume chlorine dioxide solution during pregnancy. I have confirmed with multiple doctors that it’s completely safe and now I can directly confirm with one newborn baby and his parents.




“A doctor told me my lower back (the Ls and sacrum area) was full of arthritis. Before MMS my vertebrae would slip too easily and undo what the chiropractor had done. After taking MMS (3 activated drops 6-8x/day) for a month my lower back is more stable and free of pain! How does MMS fix arthritis?”

“I had occasion to finally try MMS/CDS after watching your wonderful videos! After receiving my education, I ordered the product and had it on hand when my nose started to become stuffed and my throat was prickly and raspy. I thought No ooo I’m to busy to get sick right now!!!! Then I remembered your videos, mixed up a 2 drop batch sipped it down and before I could rinse the glass
And put it in the dishwasher, my nose became clear, my throat even felt better. I followed the 2 drop up with a 4 drop batch and I am feeling great!”


I have a British Isles complexion; fair skin, burn if I stay out in the sun too long. Due to previous sun exposure, I have what the dermatologist call ‘pre-cancerous’ skin lesions on my face. After a poster on here recommend misting the skin with ClO2, I have started spraying my skin several times per day with ClO2, and the lesions have either gone away entirely or are on the verge of disappearing

Quick bit about my asthma. After just a few weeks of protocol 1000+ I stopped needing my asthma steroid inhaler and other asthma meds. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’m still not needing them. Well today I was in an allergen situation that I could not tolerate in the past. Heavy pet dander for almost 3 hours. I did feel the need to use my rescue inhaler once at first but in retrospect it could have been that I was a little anxious to be exposed to the dander. I am now 2 hours removed from the environment and I feel 100% normal. I would normally have symptoms for DAYS after exposure. My mind continues to be blown. Thank you so much to this group and to the Natural Health Knowledge Groups for helping me on this journey. CDS for life! God is good

I have used MMS on myself for 15 years off and on, but never tried it on my cats until I joined this group. So yesterday someone dropped off a kitten at our house. She was very friendly and thin and had upper respiratory infection. Very noisy breathing. I made up a 2 drop MMS solution with a cup of distilled water and gave her small dropper doses over 4 hours. She readily drank the doses. Now she is happily indoors and breathing normally

“I just wanted to give a huge Thank You to everyone that has provided me with the knowledge and help that I have received since I first learned of MMS. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 1 year ago this week and being only 25 at the time, it was a pretty upsetting diagnosis. My first 6 months or so after being diagnosed were pretty difficult and stressful. I had every symptom imaginable, from full body numbness to losing complete function in my arm and leg…to exhaustion and horrible headaches, memory loss and brain fog, electrical shock sensations running down my spine and through my arms and legs, and the infamous “MS Hug” –a horrible tightness/extreme squeezing around my midsection. I’m sure I’ve even missed some symptoms, but you get the idea. It wasn’t fun. After my first major “attack” or flair up I read that some people will have a flair up and then will get better and not have another one for years and years. This was not the case with me. In 6 months I had been hospitalized once, had to relearn how to walk and tie my shoes and get dressed, had to administer my own IV at home 2 times (3-5 days each time) and had 3-4 more attacks. It was an incredibly un-fun rollercoaster.
In July I began taking MMS. Shortly there after my hands which had been numb pretty consistently since Nov. 2011 began to get feeling back. My handwriting started looking more like a 26 year old and less of a 5 year old. I was able to type for longer than 3 minutes at a time. I have now been taking MMS for a little over 4 months and as I type this tonight, without jinxing myself, the only symptoms I am still experiencing are extremely mild numbness in ONE finger on my left hand and occasional fatigue. I am baffled. I cannot believe that the symptoms that plagued me continually for 6 months have all but vanished. I am so eternally grateful for everyone that helped lead me down this path. I can’t say that I enjoy the taste of it with the high dosage that I need to treat the MS, but I will take the temporary awful taste any day over my lasting symptoms from before.

So anyways, this is just me saying THANKS! And I definitely would recommend doing your research if you have MS and are not happy with your current treatment as this might be something that can help you out as well!

….I had a partially torn Achilles’ tendon just as the lockdowns in the US began. I did not seek medical assistance due to the lockdowns…..
Finally the doc decided I would need surgery as the tear just seemed to get worse every time I tried to take off the boot. 
Post surgery tendon remained swollen and hard as a rock for the next year. I had discomfort but was able to move around…..
Then I discovered MMS. After one Protocol 1000, my Achilles’ tendon was soft with no swelling. Even my scar looks better. 

Recently I began ingesting bentonite clay, and I took a (just one!) bath with activated MMS and DMSO. Within 24 hours the hip pain that has been constant for a over a year started to diminish. Now, 72 hours later, I have almost no discomfort in the hip at all. It was so painless last night, that I could not sleep! I wanted to go run or jump at 2 AM!

“Thank you for accepting me to this group.

My wife and I have cured ourselves from a developing virus infection after three weeks of taking naturopathic medicine proceeded by taking ivermectin for a week. We have experience severe weakness, lack of appetite, loose motion, cloudy brain etc. In the fifth week our chests felt heavy. Both methods only kept us alive but no improvement. Finally I started a protocol 1000 of MMS and in four days I was 90% fine. I put my wife on it too. In the next three days I was cured. After using the protocol for 6-7 days we stopped it but our health improved even further following days.”

 “Hi everyone. I am TaraHara and new to the group. I wanted to share a testimony. I have been having cysts pop up on my skin off and on. I had two cut out. Well for over a year I have had a new one pop up, you guessed it on my girlie area. So I sprayed the area with CDS and have been drinking it before we left for Hawaii. Well when I returned home went to the bathroom and realized it was gone. So now I am searching for it. LOL. Yep its completely gone. 
Second healing took place Oct. 30. I had an extreme ear pain in the right ear. So I mixed up a 5 drop solution of MMS in a shot glass and let the gas escape into my ear for 5 minutes. Amazingly the pain went away almost immediately and hasn’t returned. This is amazing because I went to the doctor twice to have my ears checked and she couldn’t find anything wrong. No fluid but obviously something was going on. 
Third, since going into menopause I have been having hormone imbalances and these imbalances have caused me to have wicked UTI infections. I haven’t had UTIs in 30 years. Since drinking the CDS I have not had anymore UTI’s for over 8 months. I was getting one or two UTI’s every month. 

Last thing to work on is the autoimmune issues. More updates to come later. God Bless to you all.”

This healing testimony was in the comments on TUA Posted on YouTube:
“When I first learned about Chlorine Dioxide, I was 6 years into my rare leukemia diagnosis, which the oncologist stated would kill me in 10 years. When I was first diagnosed, I did what most fearful people would do, try and find the best oncologist available. He came with the highest of recommendations. I felt some security initially, even though the “targeted” chemo drugs had such a negative effect on my body, that at one point I needed to hospitalized because it was too painful to walk. The RN stated she had never seen anyone need as much pain medication in her 20 + year career. I was only 29 years old when this happened. For the first six years I took the prescribed medication which would cost the uninsured, $7,000-$10,000 a month. The “meds” made me feel like I was dying, more than the cancer. The doctors response when I would describe how the drugs made me feel, was to inform me that I’m alive and this is “cutting edge medicine.” I was faithful to big pharma’s scheme the entire time, however I always questioned the goal of oncology. See its not to cure you, but to get you into remission. There is a limited belief system an oncologist has about healing. To be precise, they are the only modality. My oncologist told me that if I was lucky enough for the drugs to put me into “remission” that I would likely be reliant upon them for the rest of my life….however little amount of time that would be. Over those six years I became more Intune with my body. There were two occasions in years 5 and 6 where I actually felt the leukemia “come out of remission.” I scheduled an appointment with the doctor, told him how I felt, and he replied, “it’s not something you are going to feel unfortunately.” I persuaded him to run a FISH test PCR, etc. and he was wrong. It was back. Both times. After the second time I lost all faith in “oncology.” I was listening to a podcast on MMS (chlorine dioxide), it was Jim Humble being interviewed. The way he described chlorine dioxide working, and the endless testimonials of those who have overcome similar illnesses was enough. Besides, if one of the foremost experts on Leukemia, someone who helped get toxic gleevec on the market, and on the front page of Time Magazine told me I couldn’t feel what I felt, how intelligent can this person actually be. It turns out we have an entire profession of over educated, over paid, over praised numb skulls making pathetic decisions from a playbook with only one remedy: poison. The goal of oncology is to keep you alive, but still sick. Curing disease is not an oncologist’s product offering.

Spoiler alert: YOUR BODY IS OF AMAZING DESIGN. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO OVERCOME PRACTICALY ANY ILLNESS. Your body DOES NOT completely recoup from chemotherapy. The damage from chemotherapy is typically irreversible. I CURED MY CANCER FOR ABOUT $40. When the two bottles arrived, I began the protocol. In two days, I felt “the feeling” (of the cancer) go completely away. I finished the protocol, and to be sure, I reran the protocol for an additional two weeks. Its been 8 years, and I am grateful for everyday. It has been an amazing healing experience, one that I owe nearly exclusively to MMS (Chlorine Dioxide.) There is a moment when you realize that you have information that could help save the world. Its very impowering. I have personally helped a stage four pancreatic cancer patient, completely recover from their illness. A life long diabetic who no longer has diabetes. Chlorine Dioxide is a true miracle. We are constantly bombarded with media claims of new “miracle meds,” none of which cure anything, instead, they focus on symptoms instead of the underlying disease, a very lucrative position. The truth is, if you are waiting for Big pharma to cure cancer, you need give that hope up

PCOS and Myoma Testimonial from Bulgaria
“Desislava I.
Hello group. I would also like to share my result from taking CDS.
After examination from two places, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries, a Myoma nodule 3 cm in size, and three Cysts about 2.5 cm.
 My hormones were also pushed. I also had acne.
 I started taking CDS in early September.  10 ml per liter, gradually increasing to 20 ml in 750 ml of water.  I drank every hour.
My acne started to subside.
At the moment it is not there at all. I was examined earlier this month. The result – no polycystosis, no cysts, and the myoma is reduced to 1 cm. So super happy to continue taking CDS
20 ml in a liter of water for 8 hours a day.

In the beginning, about a month I smeared my face with DMSO 50%

I’m 57 and my underlying issues are/were, chronic lower back pain, joint pain, foggy head, chronic fatigue, pre-diabetic and hypertension.
Though many of the items listed above are recent and most likely attributed to the proliferation of 5G, my back issues date back more than 30 years.
Though I admit to not completing a J. Humble protocol in its entirety due to work schedule issues, I was completely surprised with the results of my time using it.
I followed the Start Up Procedure, as specified in the J. Humble book and within the first four days noticed the following:
  – foggy head gone
  – fatigue gone
  – back and joint pain gone
  – dramatic energy level increase
  – blood pressure stabilizing
  – better sleep, more rested upon waking…

I have recommended MMS to several family members and friends who all have similar results. ..


(Note: These results ARE TYPICAL. Used as a nebulizer, nasal spray, and taken by mouth)

“Took MMS1 for 2 months which got rid of an impossible sinusitis condition that made me feel like I had allergies yet I didn’t test allergic to anything. I had incredible congestion, sinus inflammation causing breathing problems and sleep disturbances FOR 50 YEARS!!. Once or twice I took a bit too much which caused a bit of nausea and diarrhea but I just backed down a bit and no other issues. I’ve had more reactions from eating too many fruit than taking too much MMS. My husband reduced his back pain (he’s had spinal fusion surgery almost 2 decades ago) by about 90% ..he always complained about the pain and never does now.”

“As an update. The short answer: MMS works for C Diff like a charm. In fact, I was fine within 3 days after my post here two years ago.
However, I was not motivated to post an update because nobody cared to reply to me… but in the last week this topic has suddenly gained traction,
and so I decided to post an update. So, to whomever may concern… it works. I struggled for 2+ months, lost 40+ pounds, was diagnosed with colitis,
used $10,000+ worth of meds (Deficid x2, vancomicyn, and more… all for nothing). I even did FMT (those who don’t know – google it), which also didn’t help.
So, I did 3 drops each 50% citric acid and mineral solution (total 6 drops) in the morning (waited for 30 seconds to see reaction, then add 8oz water and drink), and then,
1 drop each 50% citric acid and mineral solution (total 2 drops) every hour for 8 hours (same thing – waited 30 seconds and then add 8oz water).
Note: I ate nothing within 30 minutes of any MMS intake. This means that if I took MMS at 1pm and was hungry, I ate quickly (and very little) at 1:30pm and then did MMS again at 2pm.
You must remember that your stomach produces acid when it is digesting food, which is why I thought it was important to take very limited food while on MMS.
After 3 days like this, all C.Diff symptoms stopped – no diarrhea, no pain, and minimal bleeding, which later subsided entirely. I swear on my grandma’s grave (my mom is
still alive) that this is exactly what happened. Two years later, here we are.”
Note from Curious Outlier: 

Any acid activator discussed in the beginner training series guide will work for this.

(translated from Spanish)
I have been using a nail technique for over a year now using chlorine dioxide solution for all ☺️ This is the case of one of my clients who works in a factory and suffered an accident at work. Her finger got caught in a machine, and it ate part of her finger. The doctor told her she would need a skin graft on her finger. She came to take her nails off but because of the large damage on the skin at that time I couldn’t do it so I suggested the dermatological use of chlorine dioxide solution to heal her wound. The first photograph is wound before starting. The second photograph was 15 minutes after adding the CDS the third photograph was after two weeks of using direct undiluted CDS. The last photograph is after four weeks of use

“I have used the covid protocol as well as the care protocol. I first started with 10ppm on my first care protocol for the first 3 hours then upped it to 20 ppm for the next 3 just to confirm my tolerance. I was able to tolerate it well without issue so I increased to the 30 ppm for the remaining 4 treatments on first day, I hadno issues. I went to bed feeling much better and woke up the next morning felt like I was 90% of how I should feel but eradicated my cougj and my lungs were clear. 2nd day I did 10 treatments once a hour at the 30%. I did have slight nausea by last treatment but I blame that on my error because I had a heavy pasta meal after basically having soups for the prior 5 meals. By day 3 I was 100%. I did also nebulize at the beginning of first treatment on day one It did substantially open my airway. Hope this helps. In addition my 2nd URi was much more severe Felt like a flu may have been covid I dont know I have never tested for it, sick is sick to me but it was more intense than a “cold”. I opted for the covid treatment 100 mil every 15 minutes then I followed up with the care protocol for 48 hours. I was 100% by second day. Amazing I just kinda get angry now thinking of all the time money wasted on tradition treatments and crap over counter meds. Just want to tell everyone that is willing to listen this is the real deal.”








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