“Micro Business” Opportunity

Slogan saying "When you support a small business you're supporting a dream"

"Micro-Business" opportunity

BIO-SIL is a tried and trusted brand which symbolises natural healing. 
*  25+ years of experience
*  Specialising in Colloidal Silver, MMS and other state-of-the-art products 
*  All products are natural, safe and side-effect free
*  This is a double-win “micro-business” opportunity – please see below
*  You will have an opportunity to develop a business you can be proud of.  It can grow as large as you wish    
* All product information is available on this site 
* An added bonus is that we’re a wonderful caring and supportive team.   
* We have a Whatsapp group for people to request expert advice on health matters.

How it works:

No fuss, sweet and simple.  In essence, you purchase wholesale and sell retail.   We provide both sets of pricelists for you.

It is not necessary to keep huge stocks – we can always courier products to you within a matter of 1-3 days (certainly within SA at this time).   We are happy to work across borders where we can.

Not only are you able to improve your circumstances but you will also have the beautiful benefit of helping others achieve a state of abundant health.  It’s a a real “pay-it-forward” positive opportunity.

We can provide you with training notes, and access to many product flyers packed with information.  

It’s really easy to build up a repeat clientele with these fabulous products.

Product retails for R200 
Cost to you: R160   …    Profit:  R40 on that item

Courier rates for example – we choose the best of three quotations before shipping:

Jhb R60
Dbn R80
CPT R100


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