Herbal Range of products: meet the owner


 Introducing Lynn,

owner and continuous creator of our loved and popular Natural Solutions range⁠


This is Lynn’s story of inspiration and perseverance.⁠
I do believe there is a solution for anything, and first and foremost one needs to change their minds!!!
The physical body needs herbs, the emotional body needs deep-rooted beliefs or perceptions released and the soul needs meditation, yoga or silence, bringing forth peace that surpasses all understanding.”
I have always been interested in and studied herbs and homoeopathy as a self-study course to help my family, raising my five children using nature and her remedies first before considering the medical way. ⁠
I asked “the Universe:  How can I incorporate this higher knowledge in helping people, especially with disease.?
This is when I formulated a herb for each area of the body, and Natural Solutions for Liver, Bladder & Kidney, Heart etc manifested.⁠
Natural Solutions is a family business as my son has joined me (Joshua) and is now running the dispensary with Jenna now so busy.⁠
My logo was a dream I had, of the caduceus (symbol of healing) with wings,
My middle daughter is the artist in the family (Rebecca) and she painted my dream. ⁠
How amazing life is that I am now working with Doctors and health clinics with these herbal supplements.
I only use sourced COA (certification of authenticity) veggie capsules⁠ with no fillers.
The truth sets us free.
Each herbal support has alchemy within and around it – my mind when making the formula (only I do this) is one of healing and health, with the mindset that whoever takes this supplement be healed. ⁠
Life starts with women, family needs the woman, and supporting women is a means to change our country. ⁠
Lynn ⁠
It’s no wonder that these products are so incredibly popular and they have certain proven themselves over many years with us at Bio-Sil.
We salute you, Lynn

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