Inflammation – information and help

Inflammation – information and help

Inflammation is a response in part of every healthy body’s inner workings
It steps in when illness and injury arise, signaling the immune system to prepare its defense
At the end of the day, inflammation’s assigned role is to help you heal





Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, isn’t so helpful… It happens when this fight response lingers longer than it should, leaving your body in a “constant state of alert.” –

But, who (or what) exactly is the culprit?
Chronic inflammation can be triggered and aggravated by a whole range of causes including diet and lifestyle
Research shows other contributors to be chronic stress, exposure to toxins, and autoimmune disorders

Chronic inflammation is a threat to healthy cells and tissues, and has been linked to illnesses like psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, and chronic fatigue syndrome
It can be tricky to pinpoint chronic inflammation because of the often subtle and ambiguous symptoms which include:
fatigue, body pain, depression or anxiety, gastrointestinal irritation, weight change, and persistent infections

Whether you are living with chronic inflammation or not, it’s useful to know a couple of things when it comes to prevention and management
Firstly, there’s expansive research on diet’s role in regulating inflammatory levels. Considering that we put certain foods into our mouths every day, diet’s positive long-term potential is profound, and shouldn’t be overlooked. So, it’s well worth getting to know which foods to eat and which to avoid

There is a great potential for probiotics to lower inflammation markers
We already know the power of beneficial bacteria in defending the body against harmful pathogens that can prolong infection (and thus inflammation), but these “friendly” bacteria have also been found to generate something called short-chain fatty acids, which regulate inflammation and protect cell health. And that’s just another reason why a trusted and natural probiotic might just be the best addition to your day




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