Healing with Intent – true story

What if words could heal your toughest patients, like they healed Edie?

Dear Friend,

Words matter, especially when it comes to healing. As Harvard research has found, words and the healer’s demeanor and approach define the arc of a disease and its likely resolution.

I know, because we experienced this firsthand.

When my husband Bryan’s mother, Edie was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at age 79, her doctor gave her three months to live and told her to put her affairs in order. When he’d examined her, he recoiled, and told us her breast looked like raw meat. ‘To be honest,’ he said, ‘I’d be looking into hospice care.’

Within a few days of that gloomy prognosis, Edie had collapsed in the street.

As a last-ditch effort we took her to see Dr Patrick Kingsley, who for years had been successfully treating end-stage cancers holistically.

I was in the room when Dr Kingsley examined Edie and her raw breast. He shrugged and said offhandedly, “Oh, we can handle that.”

For the rest of her consultation, he convinced her that it could be sorted – with nothing more than an intravenous cocktail of supplements, vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide twice a week, plus other supplements and a change of diet.


Six months later, Edie’s bumped into her original doctor in the street, who thought he’d seen a ghost.

When he asked if he could examine her, he was shocked to discover that the cancer which had ravaged her breast, which he was so sure was beyond hope or treatment, had completely disappeared.

While Patrick’s treatment and our family’s support all contributed to the healing environment, it was Patrick’s words – his steadfast refusal to make a judgment call about how long Edie had left – that proved to be the most powerful medicine of all.

It had the single vital ingredient conspicuously left out of most treatments today: hope.

Hope, words and intentions are the most important medicine there is.

That’s why I formulated my online workshop Become a Better Healer, especially for practitioners of every variety, from doctors and alternative therapists to energy healers.

I wanted to help you to boost your healing success by learning how certain words and intentions – and the words and intentions of your patients – can help even the most difficult cases turn around.

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During this 6-part webinar, which kicks off November 5, and includes 4 TEACHING SESSIONS and 2 TWO-HOUR MENTORING SESSIONS, you’ll discover how to

  • ROOT OUT any thoughts and language you are using that may be undermining your success rate.
  • DISCOVER that how your thoughts alone can affect the major physiological processes of your clients from brainwaves to heart rates, and how to maximize this for healing.
  • CLARIFY your own intentions so that your thoughts continuously beam out a coherent message to your patients.
  • IDENTIFY how your own pessimistic thoughts unconsciously affect your success rate and how to catch yourself when you are even pondering a negative outcome.
  • BECOME CONSCIOUS of your client’s self-sabotaging thought stream about their condition.
  • DEVISE how your toughest clients can internally change their thought processes.
  • HELP your clients mentally rehearse a positive outcome.
  • HARNESS the power of group healing for your patients and discover how healing intention others boosts the healing of all patients in the group.

And much, much more!

But with so much interest in this course from practitioners of every variety every year, the course is filling up quickly, as it does every year, and I have to limit the numbers..

Join Become a Better Healer, and let me help you discover that, like Edie, there is no such thing as a hopeless case!

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Warmest wishes,

Lynne McTaggart

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