Gift Box Surprise – Chill Out!

Gift Box Surprise – Chill Out!

Looking for an unusual and special gift?

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Our chill-out box has a gorgeous reusable bamboo cup,
a funky notebook,
a beautiful wooden tea box filled with flavoured teas,
shortbread and chocolate biscuits!
See the source image
The perfect gift to treat yourself or for someone special  🎄👥
Order yours before the Christmas rush begins
*book and cup designs vary


How this lovely concept came about: 
I’m a very creative person, and needed a creative outlet from the mundane rat-race I found myself in.
‘Unboxt’ was an idea that I toyed with a few years ago.
A timely prompt from an old customer enticed me to start up again!  
The aim is to create boxes that not only contain beautiful items, but love and thought as well
Chantelle Weldon


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