Please become aware of the dangers of fluoride – it comes disguised with other names. It is now so important to self educate in order to protect yourself and your children. This toxic poison, fluoride, has insidiously been sneaked into many products including water, drinks and toothpastes.

This is what FLUORIDE does to the cells in a living body. Total cell death. Many cities and countries still add this toxin to the water. It is in many soft drinks and foods, especially baby formula, baby foods, energy drinks, etc etc. It is also known to lower IQ and make people docile and stupid. Perfect bioweapon for creating a stupid herd of sheep isn’t it? Calcification of the pineal gland is another of its talents. This will blind the third eye so to speak. The third eye is what senses things that isn’t seen, but felt/sensed in a spiritual way. It connects us to a higher source, other dimensions, as astral beings that we are. If you believe that our journey ends after our earthly vessel ceases to exist, this topic may not be something that you are ready to understand. And that’s Ok. Each of us are on our own journey of awakening and enlightenment. There is a time and pace for everyone to awaken eventually.
Fluoride consumption will keep you asleep, while it kiIIs slowly.

Zeolite is a simple safe method to begin removal of this and other toxins.

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