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  1. For Incontinence in dogs

By Lynn Pretorius:
Dandelion, Parsley and Clivers added to diet are excellent for incontinence in dogs.

It is vital that dogs do not drink tap water as this can and does feed a parasites and added hormones into any living being that drinks it. So first make sure filtered water is given to your furry friend.

Then parasites or worms and flukes can alter hormone states -(in humans and animals)  so I recommend you first start with Natural Solutions Parasite and worm clear purchased from Bio-Sil

Small dogs 1 capsules daily
Larger dogs 1 – 2 capsules twice a day

If possible check the ‘poop’ as I have had photos sent that are incredible in what is eliminated – often even heart worms come out

Please remember to do a full month as eggs hatch during full moon


  1. For hormone balance in dogs

I love pure Chastetree

As Hormones are the body’s messengers, controlling most of the body functions. From the simplest function of hunger to the more complex reproduction, to development and growth as well as emotions and mood, hormones tell the body systems what to do in order to properly function and keep the body healthy. If hormone production and regulation is out of balance, the whole body may be of balance. The pituitary gland is the messenger responsible for sending signals to the other glands, telling them how much hormones to produce, whether the body needs more or less at any given time in order to achieve the optimal balance.

Ongoing research indicates the many benefits of chasteberry in supporting the pituitary gland, and in turn, supporting the many functions that your dog’s health relies on. Natural Solutions pure Chasteberry, is the ideal, natural supplement to promote healthy skin and coat, normal hair growth, healthy blood flow and detoxification, as well as maintaining healthy insulin/glucose levels. This herb supports normal emotional balance and helps maintain normal disposition. By supporting hormonal balance, metabolic function, healthy digestion and the optimal function of reproductive health, promotes long-term health and may help reduce the potential negative effects of stress.

Recommended for:

  • healthy pituitary function
  • healthy insulin and glucose levels
  • reproduction
  • metabolic function
  • hormone balance
  • (Humans and dogs)

To cleanse all human and pet drinking water, we recommend MMS or CDS, both available from Bio-Sil

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