Dog bite wound healed – woof!

Our eldest male dog, a Bouvier, must have been given a nick on his right thigh by our young and upcoming male Black Russian Terrier. Although it looked like just a penetrating tooth mark last week Saturday afternoon it did erupt in a fountain of puss by Sunday morning (09:00)

It was not a pretty sight.

After I drained as much of the puss as possible I washed the area with some Savlon and then liberaly sprayed the bite mark with a mixture of 100ml Colloidal Silver and 10x drops of DMSO (Even at this ratio (two thousand drops of colloidal copper to one drop of DMSO) one could still faintly smell the DMSO)….

We also gave him about 15ml of Colloidal Silver.

During the day I sprayed the wound and surrounding hair and skin about three times with the same mixture.

At 15:00 I checked on the wound again and although there was a slightly red, watery secretion there was no more puss exiting the wound.

I checked again on Sunday evening and there was no secretion from the wound at all

Alike on Monday morning.

Midday Monday he was already running to the gate with the other dogs.

… and the sorry “biter” !

Collidal Copper (Citrate) and DMSO sure looks like a great external treatment for infected areas….

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