Parasites endanger health: Mike Adams, Health Ranger

Creepy Crawlies and Health

Bio-Sil is blessed to have some wonderful natural practitioners on hand to help and advise where possible.

I have observed over and over with amazing regularity now …. one of the first areas they recommend to check for just about all conditions, is parasites.

A “cyst” which was withdrawn from a cancerous breast tissue using Black Salve when burst open for example, was found to be crawling with little worms!

We saw the video which accompanied this discovery.  Quite creepy it was!


A few images to give the picture:

    Hydatid Cyst Of Echinococcus Granulosus In The Liver Stock ...   Laboratory Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasitic Infections ...


Bio-Sil now has a range of tried and trusted products to cover this important and basic step to health

Please see below:

Master Detox:

This product is beautifully explained in this video link:


Parasite & Worm Eliminate:

Parasite & Liver Cleanse:  


From Mike Adams, The Health Ranger:

Did you know that your body is host to around 130 different types of parasites? Parasitic infections can range from hardly noticeable to severely debilitating. You may be thinking, “What? No way!” and that’s pretty understandable.

Parasites are simple organisms or cells that live on and feed off of other species of organisms. Parasites receive food and protection from their host but often offer no positive return, and may even be very damaging to the host. Some experts estimate that about 50 million Americans are infected with some form of parasite; be it a worm or a protozoan organism.

It’s estimated that the parasite known as Giardia lamblia can be found in up to 50% of the water supply in the United States. Giardia is also capable of surviving chlorination and causes around 2 million infections each year, according to the CDC.

Of course, parasites don’t just come from water. They can be transferred to humans through just about anything. Pets or other animals you come into contact with can carry parasites, as can contaminated food or surfaces. Even humans can transmit parasites to other humans, especially people in roles that involve handing food — such as chefs, servers and even grocery store workers.









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