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Covid – Natural Aids

Feb 22, 2021 | 0 comments

Covid – Natural Aids

Science is finding new hope to diminish the threat of COVID with affordable substances that are easily available.

The plants Nigella Sativa  (Black Cumin) and Artemesia Annua are well known in Arabian and Asian
cultures and used for hundreds of years to reduce inflammation, fever, malaria, asthma and

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Nigella Sativa, is also called Black seed, Black Cumin or Kalonji

annua, is also known as Sweet Wormwood, Wilde als, Umhlonyane or Lengana

In a country like South Africa where millions have no access to expensive healthcare, these
plants, which are readily available and affordable, can potentially save many lives

In a controlled clinical study done in 2020, testing the efficacy of Nigella Sativa, in patients receiving
Nigella, the severity of the infection almost halved compared to patients received the placebo

By the 6th day of care, 63% patients receiving Nigella, resumed their daily activities
compared to 10% on placebo. Of the patients with severe infections, the mortality rate for
those receiving Nigella was 4% compared to 18% receiving placebo. Nigella can also be
taken as a preventative measure

A big thank you to Dr Mobeen Syed for sharing this information.
Visit your local health shop to try these natural and affordable remedies. Those with comorbidities or concerns are advised to first consult with their GP, homeopath or naturopath. I recommend showing this to your health practitioners so they can read the clinical studies.

To read the results of the Nigella study, visit www.medrxiv.org and search for Nigella Sativa
study or view
The clinical studies can be found here:


Further interesting information concerning Pain and Black Cumin:  


Pain Success with Black Cumin Oil

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