Collolidal Silver effective against Mosquitoes

Colloidal Silver for Mosquito Control

Colloidal Silver

It’s been known for years that colloidal silver can stop the larvae stage of mosquitoes simply by adding it to water sources where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs.

As Australian author and wildlife expert Lynda Staker has pointed out in her book, The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods, mosquitoes lay their eggs in outdoor water receptacles. But mosquitoes will avoid laying their eggs in water that’s had colloidal silver added to it:

“We can all do our part in the eradication of mosquitoes, by ensuring that unnecessary containers where water may lie are not available for mosquito breeding. Colloidal silver placed in animals’ drinking water will prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water….

  1. …. Use 500 mls of made-up colloidal silver to a 50 litre container of water.”

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