Colloidal Silver Safety

Author Dr John Gray on Colloidal Silver

Dr John Gray says silver water has no side effects, so it can be safely used independently – or experimented with – without any risk to one’s health.

Some of Dr. John Gray’s recommendations include using silver water for fighting a flu fever, dealing with any dental issued (by rinsing mouth with silver water morning and night), and following a regular regimen of taking a teaspoon of colloidal silver first thing in the morning (at least 10 minutes before taking other supplements), in the afternoon and on an empty stomach at bed time.

Dr. Gray assures that not only does silver water have no harmful side effects, but it strengthens the immune system by killing bad bacteria while preserving good bacteria (probiotics).

Dr Oz

Doctor Mehmet Oz is a huge fan of colloidal silver water, as is his father-in-law, the world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Gerald Lemole, M.D. who was regularly ridiculed by other mainstream doctors by encouraging his patients to try homeopathic remedies, like silver water, as alternatives to prescription medications.

Dr. Oz asserts that silver water doesn’t mask or treat symptoms, like prescription medications, but actually treats the root cause of most disease, the infection. He uses colloidal silver as a daily throat spray for his entire family, to help keep germs away.

Dr. Lemole reports that colloidal silver, “Colloidal silver is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, and it’s really good stuff for if you feel an oncoming sore throat, or even if you have a wound. You can spray it on your wound.”

Even though the traditional medical community might try to dismiss the healing properties of colloidal silver water, the fact remains that many people over our planet are seeing extraordinary results using colloidal silver water.

Surprisingly, people are reporting not only relief from the symptoms, but many who were once diagnosed with particular diseases, now report that they are testing negative during their regularly scheduled doctor’s follow up reports.

Regardless of the endorsements by celebrities and a few well-recognized doctors, like John Gray and Dr. Oz, the mainstream medical community and the media are of the persuasion that the results are either fantasy or can be attributed to the placebo effect.

Some of the most notable maladies are being cleared from human bodies using colloidal silver water include:

Many stories of overcoming Lupus using colloidal silver water permeate the home remedy sector. Case in point; one young woman was diagnosed with Lupus, after eight years of suffering with symptoms that included fatigue, chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, headaches, joint pain, confusion and memory loss. Within days, she started feeling better but because she had found contradictory information on the Internet she questioned whether her relief was based on her desire to find a solution (placebo effect). After taking one teaspoon three-times-a-day for 90 days, recognized that all the symptoms that had become long-term challenges due to the Lupus disease were gone. Doctor’s could not explain the results and warned her to be alert for the symptoms to return and he was warned that colloidal silver could have long-term negative results. She keeps taking the colloidal silver regularly and the symptoms of Lupus have not returned.

Of all the venereal diseases, there is one that reared its ugly head in the eighties that got the attention of the sexually liberated folks from the sixties: Herpes. Maybe the symptoms are not as bad as some of the other sexually transmitted diseases, but the catchphrase that spread alike wildfire (almost as quickly as Herpes itself) was, “the gift that keeps on giving.” Again, thousands of people claim that instead of the Herpes sores rearing their ugly heads every so often, they are gone; never to be seen again, just by taking a little colloidal silver water every day.

Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is one of those diseases that is extremely difficult to treat, just tracking down and mitigating the various symptoms of Lupus including arthritis, nausea, fatigue, fever, swollen lymph nodes, heart palpitations, rash, joint pain, chills, nerve pain and sweats. A growing number of patients looking for alternative therapies for their growing number of symptoms, regularly increasing in intensity, are looking to colloidal silver water. While America is against doing homeopathic research for use of products, like colloidal silver water, other countries know all about the health benefits of colloidal silver and its effectiveness in combating Lyme disease.

Shingles tends to attack folks who are aging and/or have had chicken pox in the past. When it shows up, you’re going to be dealing with symptoms, like rash, blisters, itching, sharp pain and burning pain. It is not only painful, but also embarrassing because it can be painfully obvious for others due to being visible to onlookers. The colloidal silver remedy that can save the shingles afflicted patients starts with a teaspoon swished around the inside of your mouth for one minute, then swallowed hourly until the symptoms subside. Then you can reduce to the three-times-a-day regimen.

The age-range of most peoples who suffer from psoriasis is 15 to 35 but it could affect anyone at any time. Psoriasis is a skin condition that is not contagious and is passed on through heredity that has the afflicted battling itchy skin, lesions, red dots on skin, scaly skin, severe dandruff, skin patches, red scalp, skin scales, etc… Initially, you can soak the affected area with a mixture of colloidal silver water and distilled water once a day and seven drops of silver water per day taken underneath the tongue. Once you start to see and feel results, you can forego the soaking.

You can also use colloidal silver water to safely treat Hemorrhoids, Ringworm, Meningitis and MRSA aka “the flesh-eating disease” as well as many other pathogens that ail you.

Author, Herb “Roi” Richards, says, “Try it. It just might work!” What do you have to lose?
You don’t have to believe your doctor, the media, or anyone else.
If it won’t hurt you, why not try it and see if it helps? Your personal experience might just open your eyes to the many medicinal properties that God provided on our planet for us to use to promote health and wellness.


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