Anti-Inflammatory (60 Vegan Capsules) **

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Anti Inflammatory herbal remedy, all natural (no fillers or additives) : A powerful *diuretic, rich in vitamins K, C and potassium, is an *anti inflammatory and used for disorders of the *urinary tract, *gout and *oedema.



MILK THISTLE one of the few herbs which has the unique ability to protect and repair the liver, used for all liver diseases, detoxifies synthetic chemicals such as alcohol, heavy metals and radiation. GREATER CELANDINE – Purifies and stimulates the blood. Is a remedy for serious liver ailments due to its blood and liver cleansing qualities. DANDELION LEAF AND ROOT –Used for all disorders of the liver, including chronic inflammation, purifies the blood and has diuretic properties. YELLOW DOCK all round potent tonic and conditioner for the blood, has beneficial effects on nearly every ailment as it brings the blood to an optimum state to allow your body to heal. LIQUORICE ROOT –has a beneficial action on the liver by increasing bile flow, enhances immunity by boosting levels of interferon, fights off viruses and brings about general good health.


Not intended to diagnose, heal or cure any ailment