Cancer Helpers and Healers

Cancer Helpers and Healers   

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We have just received a wonderful new product designed by our lovely herbalist specifically for Liver Cancer   ...

Turpentine BP (pure gum turpentine - pharmaceutical grade) - take a moment to check out this video link and free report at:  Here is a video link - fascinating!!! 

DMSO : A review : 2019 DMSO  :  I purchased this product for a friend that has cancer and he started to use it. We can see that there is a change in the size of the cyst and relief of pain. We hoping that it will heal it totally. Thank you for life changing products.  CvZ


Take Back Your Power   

We understand the shock people go through when diagnosed with cancer.   Over many years we have seen some amazing healings in this regard and are happy to share what we have learned along the way.

Please realise that any healing involves lifestyle changes. One needs to take stock and understand what caused the problem in the first place.  Diet is a huge red flag and good place to start!   

A great place to start in this regard ** Barbara O'Neill ** on You Tube


Also important is to understand that there is an emotional cause to illnesses.  Louise Hay is wonderful in this regard - she lists causes in her book You Can Heal Yourself.  

The summary list is included in this article *** ***  Take a look at this link which is most comprehensive and helpful

Two imperative steps according to a really successful natural healer

1. Eliminate fungus which she finds in every cancer patient

2. Eliminate parasites which are often at the very root of cancer

Taking personal responsibility

We have been conditioned to expect a doctor to prescribe a pill that fix anything which is wrong in the body and if that one doesn't work, to go back and try another one (or more)!

Taking responsibility means 

*deciding that you can overcome the problem; 

*undertaking your own research for your specific condition (there is a wealth of alternative health information available on the internet e.g. You Tube)

*understanding that each person is uinique and there is no 'one size fits all'

To this end it is important to learn to trust your intuition as to what will be good for you and what would not.

Suggestions for research

Dr Leonard Coldwell, Dr Robert Young, Dr Peter Glidden, Dr Sebi and many others.  

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) - there are many different healing porotocols - lall listed in Jim Humble's latest downloadable book which can be found here :

One of our very favourites is ** Barbara O'Neill who has run a natural healing centre in Australia for over 25 years.   Her remedies are all simple, inexpensive and effective. Her lecture on the Digestive System is really excellent and advice taken, could cure many physical problems.

Believe in your choice!  Just know it is going to work for you

This is hugely important - once you decide which healing protocol to pursue, just know that it is going to work for you.  Kick out doubts.  Sometimes this will involve keeping your decisions to yourself so that you don't have to ward off the negativity of others who often feel they know better!

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We have some wonderful products which are listed here and a success story just received, quoted herebelow :

My brother in law, went for chemo and radiation, but says that without Biosil, he would never have made it!

He went on all that you recommended, like cleansing with the Himalayan salt daily, as well as silver, also 3 in veg capsule and the white bottle “probi flora”.

As well as lots of veggie juice daily.

He had chemo on the same time with the same people and says that the other people became so very sick that they could hardly walk!

Eventhough he also felt a bit weak, still managed to go back to work every day.

Go Bio-Sil Go!