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PRODUCT:  Colloidal Silver 500 ml  

DESCRIPTION The Universal Antibiotic

* anti bacterial

* anti viral

* anti fungal

*for all infections / cuts / burns / open wounds / ear and eye infections

and so much more

Prior to 1938 colloidal silver was considered to be one of the mainstays of antibiotic treatment. It is still considered to be the most universal antibiotic substance that is non-toxic.  It has been proven to be useful against over 650 different infectious conditions, as compared to traditional antibiotics, which are effective against 6-7 conditions

From the wonderful humanitarian, physicist, grandfather of COLLOIDAL SILVER -  Dr Robert  Beck (D.Sc)


Trace elements exist even in distilled water, and when the charged silver particles combine with a specific trace element, the solution can turn one of a number of colors, like gray, yellow, green or brown.  The element the silver chooses is largely irrelevant.  .

Zero toxicity - wonderful for your pets too

The body’s ability to process the tiny atoms of colloidal silver makes silver build-up in the body impossible.  The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison control Center reports a “No Toxicity” listing for colloidal silver.  In fact, it appears that harmlessness is one of the attributes of the colloidal state, regardless of content. 

Since the body has a vital need for silver – to maintain the immune system and to produce new, healthy cells – and since our blood is also a colloid, the harmonious way in which colloids enter the body may well make colloidal silver the safest medicine on earth.

BENEFITS One product for a multitude of applications:

* A sip a day straight from the bottle is best!
* Just 10 ml per day, or megadose, e.g. three or four times a day when the immune system is compromised
* To fight infections increase dosage (30+ ml),even mega-dose until the infection has cleared
* This product can be applied directly to open wounds, eye/ear infections and skin problems
* It can be inhaled or applied into the nostrils with an eye-dropper for sinus, cough and post-nasal drip
* A spray attachment is available which screws onto the bottles,enabling one to use BIO-SIL as a cooling spritzer, deodorant, skin toner, spray for burns and wounds etc

Study: Silver Boosts Effectiveness of Antibiotics By Up to 1,000x!


Colloidal Silver Cures Teeth and Gum Problems
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to use colloidal silver to help with teeth and gum problems.

Fortunately, I have quite a few articles on that subject. You might want to browse through them, and bookmark a few in case you need them at a later date.

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Can Colloidal Silver Help Remineralize Damaged Tooth Enamel?


Can Colloidal Silver Help Re-Mineralize Damaged Tooth Enamel?

At least one man says colloidal silver is not only healing his tooth infection, but re-mineralizing the damaged tooth enamel, as well.

His experience, described below, coincides nicely with the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., who found that electrically generated silver ions have the power to trigger bone growth and re-mineralization. 

Here's an interesting testimonial on colloidal silver and the re-mineralization of decayed tooth enamel, which I found on a tooth decay website:

Two and a half weeks ago I noticed two cavities high up in my front teeth. Both were brown and unsightly, and I was kicking myself for not noticing them before and brushing my teeth more carefully. The gums had also receded above them.

One of the cavities was particularly deep and exceptionally sensitive to the sharp end of a pair of scissors I several times placed against it.

As I have had amazing success in the past curing all kinds of problems with colloidal silver, I searched on Google to see whether there was a natural way of curing my two cavities, and I learned for the first time that teeth could naturally re-mineralize.

I decided to brush my teeth regularly throughout the day, particularly after meals and taking special care to spray the damaged areas with colloidal silver.

I was not particularly hopeful, but I dreaded going to the dentist. The last time I went was 24 years ago for a cavity-fill high up on another front tooth. The drilling was excruciatingly painful at the time and the tooth far more sensitive to pressure after the operation than before.

Well, after a week I started noticing some tiny signs of whiteness against the brown. I thought that maybe I simply hadn't noticed it before.

Now, another week on, I can clearly see new white bone growing in both cavities.

I'm simply amazed. Every day I notice a small improvement. At this rapid rate, I guess both my teeth could fully recover in a month's time, even though I'm 52. I thank God for what I am still experiencing as a kind of miracle, especially given the intensive dental propaganda regarding the need to drill and fill.

If my experience is at all typical, then I can only say: Woe to you dentists who deliberately conceal from your clients the naturally curative properties of human teeth once properly cared for.

And blessed indeed are those persecuted for attempting to get the truth out!"

Timothy D., Surrey, UK


Steve Barwick - The Silver Edge :

I find the above testimonial fascinating, because it was the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD back in the 1970's that first alerted the world to the idea that electrically generated silver ions can be used not just to heal bone and tissue infections, but also to stimulate the re-growth and re-mineralization of injured bone that had otherwise refused to heal.


If silver can trigger re-mineralization of bone, would that also apply also to re-mineralization of tooth enamel? The idea is intriguing!

Lets take a look at some of the evidence for silvers ability to trigger re-mineralization of bone and heal bone non-unions:

Healing Bone Non-Unions With Silver

In one case, Dr. Becker was astonished when he attempted to use electrically generated silver ions to heal the infection in a patients horrifically infected leg bone and tissue wound.

He had expected the infected bone to recede as the microbes were killed by the electrically generated silver ions.

Instead, he discovered that not only were all of the pathogens killed, but new tissue and new bonebegan to grow in, creating a strong union in the bone where previously there had been none.

As Dr. Becker later recounted:

I debrided the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone. 

There wasnt much left afterward. It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee to his ankle.

In the operating room we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in saline solution and laid it over the wound...wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit.

By the end of the week...all of our bacterial cultures were sterile?

Dr. Becker continued:

The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading out and covering the bone.

In two weeks, the whole base of the wound, which had over eight square inches of raw bone, was covered by this friendly pink carpet.

The skin was beginning to grow in too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we'd need to do. I decided to take an X-ray to see how much bone he'd lost, I could hardly believe the picture. There was clearly some bone re-growth!

I removed the cast, felt the leg, and found that the pieces were all stuck together.

The patient watched, and when I was done he lifted his leg into the air triumphantly. I never so much enjoyed being wrong.


More Studies By Dr. Becker

Demonstrate Bone Healing By Silver Ions

This success in healing a bone non-union led Dr. Becker to do numerous studies on the healing and regenerative properties of electrically generated silver ions.

In his 1978 clinical study titled, "Treatment of Orthopaedic Infections With Electrically Generated Silver Ions," which was published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 

Dr. Becker demonstrated once again that silver not only healed osteomyelitis (i.e., a serious bone infection), but also re-mineralized and healed the broken, damaged bone to boot!

Heres an excerpt from Dr. Beckers study:

The present study reports on clinical experience using electrically generated silver ions as adjunctive treatment in the management of chronic osteomyelitis wound care (usually provided by the patient) resulted in control of the infection in twelve of the fifteen treatment attempts and in healing of the non-union after follow-up ranging from three to thirty-six months.

In this small series, the silver ions seemed to have been an effective local antibacterial agent with advantages over other antibiotics that included:

Activity against all of the bacterial types encountered in these patients, negligible toxic effect on local tissues, and penetration of poorlyvascularized tissue to the distance believed to be about one centimeter.

The rapid subsidence of the infection once treatment with silver ions was initiated convinced us that the silver iontophoresis had had a beneficial antibacterial effect.

An added benefit, which was unexpected, was the deposition of substantial amounts of new bone produced during treatment with the silver-nylon anode."

(Reprinted with permission from the Expert Quotes on Colloidal Silver page at

Becker went on to use electrically generated silver to re-grow bone in both human and animal models.

In a later study titled Effects of Electrically Generated Silver Ions on Human Cells and Wound Healing, which was published in the journal Electro- and Magnetobiology, Dr. Becker concluded:

Healing rates in these wounds are significantly accelerated and are accompanied by enhanced healing of the bone, soft tissue, nerve, and skin, with replacement of missing tissues by histologically normal tissues.

The responsible agent for these cellular effects is believed to be the electrically generated silver ion."

(Reprinted with permission from the Expert Quotes on Colloidal Silver page at

In another study, conducted at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, State University of New York, and titled Effects of Electrically Generated Silver Ions on Human Cells and Wound Healing, Dr. Becker wrote of his treatments of infected human bone and tissue:

A profuse, sterile exudates began to appear in the wound during the second and fourth day of treatment.

Shortly thereafter it became evident that an enhancement of wound healing was occurring beyond that which could be attributed to infection control.

Open cavities began to fill with abundant, healthy granulation tissue, producing rapid coverage of exposed bone surfaces.

This was followed by rapid ingrowth of full thickness, innervated skin and healing of bony non-unions. [Italics mine ED]

(Reprinted with permission from the Expert Quotes on Colloidal Silver page at

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is now some fresh anecdotal evidence that silver ions can trigger the re-mineralization of tooth enamel.

And this anecdotal evidence coincides nicely with significant older clinical evidence for the idea that electrically generated silver ions can trigger re-growth or re-mineralization of bone!

Since there are no clinical studies demonstrating how healing tooth enamel with colloidal silver might work, or how much colloidal silver it might take to achieve it. 

it is unfortunately another one of those situations in which you'll just have to experiment for yourself to see if it works for you.

In Dr. Beckers clinical work, for example, the silver ions were generated directly into the wound site using tiny micro-amp currents of electricity. This was done in a laboratory environment by skilled professionals.

So it doesnt really apply to healing tooth enamel with colloidal silver. It merely confirms that there is something about electrically generated silver ions that stimulate healing and re-mineralization in bones.

But if Timothys testimonial at the beginning of this article is any indication, ionic colloidal silver exposed directly to tooth enamel may well indeed trigger a similar bone re-growth process such as the one Dr. Becker first discovered back in the 1970s.

My Own Experience

This brings to mind a painful molar I had many years ago. The dentist had x-rayed it, and told me it had a hairline crack running through it, and was going to need a root canal due to infection.

Dreading the root canal, I went home and started using colloidal silver daily, holding it over the tooth for seven to 10 minutes at a time, as many as three or four times a day.

I went back to that same dentist about a month later, and had him re-examine the tooth. I told him the pain was completely gone.

He took x-rays again, and began to apologize profusely for having recommended a root canal. He said the tooth absolutely did not need one.

Many years later I went to another dentist who carefully examined all of my teeth. I asked about the hairline crack in that molar. äóìThereäó»s no evidence of a hairline crack in that molar,äó? she replied.

At the time, I assumed my previous dentist had simply been mistaken. After all, Iäó»d never seen any information whatsoever about colloidal silver re-mineralizing tooth enamel.

But now, after reading about Timothy D's experience, and linking it mentally to Dr. Beckeräó»s work in healing bone non-unions with electrically generated silver ions_

I have to wonder whether or not that hairline crack all of those years ago had been a figment of my dentistäó»s imagination, or if indeed the enamel had been re-mineralized and healed by the colloidal silver.

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Source: Steve Barwick's Colloidal Silver Secrets Community

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healthy babyu

My 15 month old baby receives BIO-SIL daily in his feed and he hasn’t had a day’s illness

Dog helped with colloidal silver

My 13 year old dog suffered from an ‘incurable’ skin condition for years – it left a huge hairless patch on her back. She also had a sizeable growth at the juncture of tail to body. Within two months of giving her 200 ml BIO-SIL a day, the hair has re-grown and the growth is gone. From hiding away, she is now bounding around with renewed vigour!