Smudge Stick Lavender

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PRODUCT:  Smudge stick bundle - pure lavender.

DESCRIPTION:  Lovingly hand-crafted, ready to use smudging stick.

BENEFITS:  An effective and simple means of removing negative energy.

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The fragrance of Lavender is known to be relaxing, calming, cleansing and healing and can be used to "fragrance" a room or space.

Lavender smudging bundles can be used as is to perfume a room environment or linen/clothing cupboard. It can also be burnt like incense to uplift and cleanse a space or environment energetically.


Our physical eyes can not perceive the toxins and energies that are floating around in the air, but our physical, emotional and soul bodies can feel them.   By burning certain herbs as the ancients did, we can purify our homes, our auras and items such as crystals