Passiflora Incanata Capsules 60

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PRODUCT: Passiflora Incanata

DESCRIPTION: 60 vegan capsules

BENEFITS: Passiflora is indicated to ground ascendant liver yang that is rushing upward and disrupting the heart, e.g. nervous conditions that come and go suddenly with symptoms of tremors or tics in multiple locations.

Good for idealistics who are prone to both physical and emotional disorders of the heart and those who are prone to "burn out"

Energetically, Passionflower is indicated for those who "need to have their hearts calmed and grounded so that they can be connected to others: and open up to Life.

It suits those who are prone to anxiety, hysteria and overstimulated heart symptoms.

When "Passionflower types" go into overload they become exhausted physically and mentally in a way that prevents them from connecting to others, focused inward on their own sensations and feelings. This can cause long-term stress, a condition for which Passionflower is perfectly suited.