Coffee time – a healthy cuppa

Here’s how I make a perfectly healthy cup of coffee which is also delicious!
It also saves me having to drink a glass of this and a glass of that – now all in one!

In two empty honey jars, I mix up:

  1. Borax solution – please see directions on the product page
    Add a little clean, hot water to an empty honey jar
    Stir in the desired quantity of Borax powder until it dissolves
  2. Shilajit solution – please see directions on the product page
    Repeat as above and stir until the powder is dissolved
  3. Have on hand : Lugol’s Iodine tincture
  4. Have on hand : Organic coconut oil and your milk of choice

  • Put your organic, fair trade coffee into a plunger or other coffee device
  • Add a good splash of boiling water
  • Add the items listed above – I just do a “splash” of each!
  • Swirl to mix nicely
  • Top up with boiling water and leave to infuse for a good few minutes
  • Play with the mix so that it serves you and is also enjoyable!
  • I still add coconut milk to mine – whatever you love is good

Now relaxxxxxxx and enjoy!

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