Chlorine Dioxide – CDS protocols

Chlorine Dioxide – CDS protocols 

from Dr Andreas Kalcker

Andreas Kalcker censurado

Protocol C: as in CDS   
(Formerly, protocol 101)

Protocol C, or CDS, is a universal, easy to follow protocol with practically no
side effects, which makes it indicated for most treatments.

Protocol C consists of drinking 1 ml of CDS 0.3% (= 3000 ppm)
diluted in water, every hour, ten times a day
(the reason this protocol is also known as protocol 101)

1. Add 10 ml of CDS 3000 ppm (or 100 ml of CDS 300 ppm) to 1 liter of
water per day.
2. Take one dose every hour until you finish the contents of the bottle
(between 8 and 12 intakes).
3. For severe or life-threatening illnesses, you should increase the dosage
little by little, drinking small amounts throughout the day, depending
on how you feel, up to a maximum of 30 ml per liter of water.
4. If more is necessary, prepare another bottle. Reduce the dosage in case
of discomfort or nausea. Do not drink more than 80 ml over 12 daily
intakes (6ml/h for 100kg).
5. The treatment can continue for as long as necessary until the patient
feels recovered.


» The CDS 101 Protocol is used to treat most diseases and as a general
‘detox’ to cleanse the body of toxins. It is probably the most useful
detoxifying procedure we know.
To date, it has not caused side effects or unwanted interactions, and it doesn’t tend to cause diarrhea.
» You should wait a prudent interval of 1–2 hours to avoid diminishing
the effectiveness of CD. In case of demineralization, you can add 1⁄4 of

Summary of Protocol C
CDS/day Daily intakes in
1 liter of water Dose/hour
General cleansing 10 ml 10 1 ml
Severe illness 30 ml 10 3 ml
Critical cases 80 ml 12 6.7 ml
10 ml of CDS 3000 ppm (or 100 ml of CDS 300 ppm)

+ 1 liter of water per day

Protocol D: as in Dermatology

Protocol D, or the dermatology protocol for skin afflictions, always uses CDS
for topical application since it doesn’t leave any acidic residue. Thanks to its
neutral pH, it can be applied undiluted, directly onto the skin, and for a longer
time, without irritating.

Activate 25 drops
and add the mixture to 60 ml (2 ounces) of water in a spray bottle. If the bottle
is closed correctly, the mix will last up to one week or a bit longer. The color
indicates the concentration of the liquid remaining. Keep the mixture stored in
a cool place, away from the light. Drops are always activated on a 1:1 ratio.

1. Fill a spray bottle with cooled CDS < 0.3%
(=3000ppm) and apply it to the affected area.

2. Apply directly to the skin to treat:
• Wounds
• Burns
• Other skin problems

The solution shouldn’t feel hot or cause any burning and should calm pain
and stop bleeding. You can repeat the application several times a day.



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