Vax link to autism? Jerm Warfare special report

Children should be protected from this scourge

Our own Jerm Warfare hosted this recent call with Dr Andrew Wakefield which is super enlightening and a “must listen”

Jerm Warfare :
Andrew joined me for a conversation about his roller-coaster life since the pharmaceutical industry and government tried to destroy him.”

Here follows some of the history regarding this subject:

In 2013, Dr Brian Hooker received calls from Dr William Thompson, a CDC scientist, who revealed that the CDC had omitted crucial data from a 2004 study linking the MMR vaccine to autism.
Over several months, Dr Thompson provided Dr Hooker with confidential data that had been destroyed by colleagues.

Dr Hooker, with the help of Andrew, created the below documentary, Vaxxed, exposing the government cover-up. Andrew Wakefield is a former British scientist who became widely known for his research paper published in 1998, which hinted at a possible link between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism.

An interest unravelling at this link:
In 1996, Gerald Geison (Princeton University) published his book The Private Science of Louis Pasteur. Based on Pasteur’s lab notes, Professor Geison exposed Pasteur’s germ theory as being based on fraudulent data. In spite of the evidence that Pasteur had committed scientific fraud, Pasteur’s theory is still governing today’s medicine and medical science. Considering that there is no scientific evidence for the claim that viruses cause diseases, including cancer, this implies that worldwide vaccination programs imposed on an entire population, particularly on children and the elderly, are based on a scientific hoax.

5bl Fourth Pasteur 2

 “Vaccines: A Peek beneath the Hood” by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD  

“Analysis of the data shows that the often-repeated mantra that vaccines were key in the decline of infectious disease deaths is a fallacy. Deaths had decreased by massive amounts before vaccinations…”
“Vaccines: A Peek beneath the Hood” by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

4 thoughts on “Vax link to autism? Jerm Warfare special report”

  1. Fantastic information confirming my belief in no vaccinations. And the underlying criminal allopathic cabal. My blood pressure tends to shoot up when I read and watch. But. We must inform ourselves and take personal responsibility for our health. You can be sure the “authorities” do not have our health and well being in mind. Most people refuse to take personal responsibility. Hide like an ostrich head in the sand hoping the bullet will miss them. How unfortunate to be will fully ignorant in face of criminals who I think are not only negligent but mean you harm. To place your faith in them. I hope we have a widespread awakening. I always love your posts. A true fountain of information and hope. And means to take personal responsibility for your health and happiness. Thanks one million!! By the way, I am looking for a chat forum on which I can ask questions and enter discussions on holistic healing, would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hello Juan – ah super – thanks so much for your heart-felt expression there. Much appreciated, especially confirming that our efforts are not going a-miss!!!
      Please drop me a line on Whatsapp (082-784-7689) and I will be happy to add you to our busy Community group which we strive to keep positive and helpful!
      I will also e-mail you somehing heartening and very interesting on this subject.
      Blessings, Yvonne

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