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CDS is one of THE most important products in any healing repository that we are delighted to be able to share this valuable information just released, from world expert, scientist Dr Andreas Kalcker to enable you to Do It Yourself!
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Dr Andreas Kalcker: CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide Solution:
CDS is an effective treatment for ‘Corona virus’
Chlorine Dioxide is NOT Sodium Hypochlorite! It is composed of a single Chloride ion attached to two Oxygen atoms. Chlorine gas is composed of two chlorine ions, which is a very different molecule.
Table salt is composed of a sodium ion and a chloride ion and is essential for life.

CDS was invented in the 1800’s and can be manufactured in various ways.
Sodium Chlorite can be activated with a variety of acids e.g. Hydrochloric Acid.   The resulting chemical reaction liberates a gas – Chlorine Dioxide, which is the active ingredient in CDS.
Jim Humble patented it as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) as he discovered that it works effectively against Malaria. Subsequently it was found to be effective against many other disease organisms. The only disadvantage was that in the initial stages when Citric Acid was used as an activator and it had a bad taste, often causing diarrhoea. In order to overcome this, a gaseous version was made: (CDS) Chlorine Dioxide Solution. This gas version is simply the liberated Chlorine Dioxide gas dispersed in water.

What is the difference then between MMS and CDS?
With MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) there may be a constant on-going reaction occurring with the ingredients, which may create mild side effects. However, the CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is freed as a gas and it does work effectively.
The most advanced way to achieve this is to use a gas in solution, as the stomach will completely absorb the gas and it will not reach the intestines, thereby avoiding any side effects in the bloodstream.
It is also pH neutral, unlike the MMS mixture which is acidic.
This pH neutral solution makes it possible to safely use the CDS intravenously by a qualified professional.
This is not possible with the older MMS formulation due to the presence of the acid reagent.

Chlorine Dioxide gas which has been liberated from an MMS solution is a dense gas which is very soluble and stable in water.
It does not hydrolyse in aqueous solution and it actualy ‘structures’ water, as well as blood.

The Chlorine Dioxide gas has a very high Oxygen potential in the blood i.e. it releases a high level of Oxygen into the blood – up to 50% more Oxygen saturation in fact than normally.

The Chlorine ion acts a stronger oxidising agent than the Oxygen component. Oxygen is naturally absorbed in the lung by the blood and is then released.  As it travels through the body as it encounters acidity. This is known as the Bohr Effect. The blood intelligently releases Oxygen in acidic tissues i.e. in tissues where there is inflammation due to Histamine or infectious organisms, or when there is a build up of Lactic Acid in the tissue e.g. due to physical exercise.

Interestingly, Chlorine Dioxide gas acts as a secondary Oxygen carrier in the blood, working independently of the red blood cells. This is because the Chlorine ion holds onto an Oxygen atom until it encounters an acid environment, where it then releases the free Oxygen and the Chlorine ion.

The Chlorine ion will get to work oxidising infectious organisms, as will the Oxygen to a lesser extent. Free Oxygen will enrich the Oxygen level in red blood cells in the environment as well by the exact same mechanism as in the lungs.

This works very rapidly in real time.  For example when CD gas reaches clotted blood cells, it rapidly regenerates them producing healthy blood cells again. This is highly effective in cases of clotting due to Corona virus infections as well.
CDS reaches the blood as soon as one minute after oral ingestion.
In patients with reduced lung efficiency, CDS acts as an Oxygen booster for the red blood cells, thereby increasing the blood Oxygen level effectively.

CDS needs to be understood as a chemical ventilator and also used accordingly.  For this reason CDS needs to be used frequently during the day to maintain blood oxygen levels as it is rapidly taken up by the blood cells and released in the tissues and thus needs to be replenished.

Is there a risk that the Oxygen and Chlorine from CDS could attack healthy cells? Microbiologists at the University of Bern have been measuring exactly this and results on highly sensitive skin cells has shown that these cells have in fact been living even longer.

Dr Kalcker reports that after 15 years of taking CDS in many different ways, he is in the best shape of his life. He experiences improved mental clarity and brain function and the severe arthritis in his hands has resolved.

Both Chlorine Dioxide Solution and Ozone have been found to effectively oxidize Glyphosate, thereby destroying it. It has been found that the levels of Glyphosate in the gut of autistic children is very high. Use of CDS to treat children suffering from autism has shown very good results.

CDS has also shown a lot of positive results in treating plants affected by disease such as fungi.

CDS is currently used safely in many industrial applications, including purification of water and addition to I/V blood bags.  However, any positive reports on CDS benefits are rapidly removed from the internet etc.

In nature, oxidation is used to destroy pathogens e.g. natural killer cells produce Hypochlorite to oxidise invading infectious organisms.

CDS increases energy levels
In states of disease there is generally an acidic pH environment in the body. CDS helps to balance the pH levels to that of a healthier state. The presence of the Chlorine ion enhances oxidative defence mechanisms in the body dramatically.
CD gas provides up to 50% more Oxygen to the red blood cells when it gets into the blood. CD is a very tiny molecule and can supply up to 433 million oxygen molecules to each red blood cell!

The extremely small size of Chlorine dioxide molecules means that they are readily taken up by any tissue in the body e.g. interstitial fluids, membranes and fascia*.
Tissues with not much blood supply also readily take up Chlorine Dioxide molecules.  For example synovial fluid**. In this way CD gas enters the area, eliminates pathogens and lowers the level of acidity in the area which is harming the cartilage of the joint and causing the arthritis.

When comparing CDS to other Oxygen therapies, we see that each ozone molecule provides only two electrons whilst each Chlorine dioxide molecule provides 5 electrons (oxygen ions), so it is more effective. Ozone also needs a carrier to get it into the red blood cells or it will be too toxic, whereas CD gas doesn’t need a carrier to get into the blood cells. CD can therefore treat the blood cells and the plasma readily.
Hydrogen peroxide therapy releases Hydrogen ions which are highly reactive and not ideal. CD is therefore a much more effective treatment.

Dosing of CD is best done frequently because the CD gas is rapidly taken up and utilised by the body and needs to be replenished.

In preliminary clinical trials in Ecuador, doctors used CDS orally and found it to be effective for treatment of Corona virus infection. In a severe case, the CDS was dosed intravenously and 2 days later the patient had recovered.
Covid is a disease of hypoxia*** and coagulation of blood – not an acute respiratory disease. CDS is highly effective for treatment of the hypoxia and coagulation of the blood.

In severely cyanotic**** Covid patients, administration of CDS induced a marked improvement in these patients within a few hours.

Dr Andreas Kalcker’s website is
Videos are available here to teach protocols for CDS as well as to demonstrate how to make CDS.

Some definitions:

*   Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up

**   Synovial fluid, also known as joint fluid, is a thick liquid located between your joints. The fluid cushions the ends of bones and reduces friction when you move your joints. A synovial fluid analysis is a group of tests that checks for disorders that affect the joints

***    Hypoxemia:Having low oxygen levels in your blood is called hypoxemia. Having low oxygen levels in your tissues is called hypoxia.

****   Cyanotic
Definition of cyanotic: Marked by or causing a bluish or purplish discoloration (as of the skin and mucous membranes) due to deficient oxygenation of the blood : relating to or affected with cyanosis e.g. On arrival at the emergency room, the patient was cyanotic and unconscious with labored respirations at 40/min.—

Wishing you abundant health

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