Borax’s wonderful benefits

Borax’s wonderful benefits

Borax- Near Miracle Medicine Unknown
Tony Pantelleresco

Chemical name : Sodium borate decahydrate (borax)

Would you believe a common box of laundry soap could treat thousands of patients, relieving them of fluoride toxicity, removing fungus from their body, taking out joint pains, while cleaning their receptor sites for better insulin and thyroxine utilization ?
Could this be the missing link for syndrome X, diabetes and hypothyroidism types II ?

The same could be said true for many common, household and laboratory chemicals, but our profit crazed society prefers otherwise. However, we should become prepared for an imminent financial collapse, and we doctors should know these chemistries as a duty to uphold the Hippocratic Oath. Further, it could save our patients sufferings NOW.



Sore throat / laryngitis
I have seen patients suffering from sore throat and laryngitis. The cure is relatively simple: gargle with borax in water. Take note of our revered Dr. Boericke:

“A piece of borax, the size of a pea, dissolved in the mouth, acts magically in restoring the voice, in cases of sudden hoarseness brought on by cold, and frequently for an hour or so, it renders the voice silvery and clear.

Below is one of the many interesting points concerning borax, which mentions the use of borax against fungus, a well known fact amongst microbiologists but totally unknown to the public.
There is another facet about Borax, and that is the mineral element Boron which is able to clean the receptor sites of cell membranes. This is particularly important for diabetes type II and hypothyroidism type II.
Boron administered during fluoride intoxication or after its interruption, reduces fluoremia and increases urinary fluoride excretion.

So Twenty Mule Team Borax is our answer to de-intoxicate the body from poisoning by municipal water                                                              sources of which affects millions of people.

There is a lot of evidence why borax is effective against nearly all forms of fungal disease, whether they be mycoplasma found in lupus, rosacea, dog mange, interstitial cystitis, plasmodium parasites, Morgellon’s disease, or even pneumonia.
I think borax is one of the remedials most ignored, misinformed or even suppressed in our present society. The so- called medical authorities have done their propaganda so well that very few know that the toxicity of borax is about equal to that of simple table salt.

Developing research suggests that boron might be useful for decreasing symptoms of osteoarthritis.
Improving thinking and coordination in older people. There is some evidence that taking boron by mouth might improve cognitive function and the ability to coordinate small muscle movements (fine motor skills) in older people.

Increasing testosterone / estrogen levels
Boron seems to affect the way the body handles other minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus. It also seems to increase estrogen levels in older (post-menopausal) women and healthy men. Estrogen is thought to be helpful in maintaining healthy bones and mental function.

Boron supplementation can lower the amount of magnesium that is flushed out in the urine. This can lead to blood levels of magnesium that are higher than usual. Among older women, this seems to happen more often in women who do not get much magnesium in their diet. Among younger women, the effect appears to be greater in women who exercise less. No one knows how important this finding is to health, or whether it happens in men.

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Anti-ageing
Try 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink this water throughout the day. If it runs out then drink just normal water, with some magnesium added if possible. Magnesium found in the chloride form (see) is pre-digested. They seem to be synergistic with vitamin D as vitamin D promotes calcium and the body needs to balance both magnesium and calcium to an ideal amount. So get some sunshine daily.

Nano-bugs, skin problems, athlete’s foor, balding, scabies
Consider taking borax for mites, lice, scabies, etc. Some people believed the demodex mites are responsible for rosacea. They may be right. But, there are others too that are not yet identified. I prefer to lump all these insect issues to just one category: nanoinsects. One obvious remedial is borax. The treatment can be broken down to two aspects:

  1. Taken internally: Try 1/8 teaspoon (~250 MG.) of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink or sip this water throughout the day. You can do this once or twice a week as a tonic. This will clean your cellular receptor sites for insulin and thyroxine.
  2. Used externally: Dog mange is confirmed demodex mites and the only treatment that effectively cured of dog mange is 1% hydrogen peroxide and borax saturated solution applied topically. Many people believe the demodex mites is the cause of rosacea. What I am sure about is it is an insect issue. The method of killing them is external application of 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution to the face, unrinsed. It tends to cause drying. So you can apply appropriate lotions to prevent drying, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera or another oil or cream.
  3. Borax — The ultimate fungal killer.
    Take 1/8 teaspoon in a litre of water every day. Normally taken for 4 days, then 3 days off every week. 20 Mule Team Borax is fine for this. Borax also removes fluorine from the body.


Tony Pantalleresco   …   Just a Guy Who Knows a Lot of Stuff About Health
We learned about Tony Pantalleresco through a request from one of our listeners in the UK and he has quickly become one of our most popular guests. Extremely passionate about natural health, Tony has a plethora of videos on YouTube covering a huge variety of topics such as: Making all kinds of extracts, seed milks, nut milks, detox meals and smoothies, juices, chelators, anti-oxidant formulas. Getting rid of cold sores, dealing with skin issues and erectile dysfunction, detoxing heavy metals. Tony offers an endless list of recipes for remedies to make at home

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