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Fungus Test .. and a means of elimination The overlapping and crossover symptoms of Candida overgrowth, IBS (irritable Cbowel syndrome), Celiac disease, and other conditions connected to chronic fatigue are mind boggling. This simple test that may determine if you have Candida overgrowth: •    Have a glass of water by your bedside. •    Upon awakening, spit into the water. •    Every 15 minutes for an hour, look for the following indicators: 1.     Stringy trails from the surface saliva dangling like jelly fish tentacles. 2.     Tiny cloudy spots suspended in the water. 3.     The saliva blob drops intact onto the bottom of the glass. The later/longer any visual...

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PARASITES and FUNGI - the bad boys on the block Certainly, it has generally not been recognised that a parasite was the cause of  cancer, but parasites and yeasts do cause cancer - they drain one of nourishment and produce toxic, even carcinogenic chemicals.  Yeast infection is the product of drugs or antibiotics, and anything that changes the acidity of the gut, like too much salt, sugar, pickles, binge drinking, smoking or stress. Yeasts are very debilitating. They sit on cell membranes and poison healthy cells; they colonize areas of the body and reduce local oxygen levels.  Almost two thousand five hundred...

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