Super Nutrition for our Super Sproglets

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Super Nutrition for our Super Sproglets


It is so important to ensure our children start their day with great nutrition to see them through, to help with attention-span and of course, general health!

We will have other suggestions ... for starters here is a wonderful smoothie idea. If you're not able to make smoothies, baobab could be added to yoghurt, milk or even water. It has a pleasant citrus-taste.




The 200 million-year-old African fruit of the baobab tree has six times the vitamin C of an orange, is a rich source of fibre and has more antioxidants than any other fruit. 

No wonder it's been found to promotes healthy digestion, boost energy, increase immunity and promote collagen for healthy skin and hair, but how can you use it?

Adjust to suit yourselves - e.g. use coconut milk in place of yoghurt, or even water;  add honey if desired;  replace berries with banana, pineapple, apple or any other fruits.  Mix and match.  Make it really interesting!


Baobab and Berry or Mango Smoothie
Use fresh or frozen berries to make this attractive smoothie
  • 2 tbsp baobab powder
  • 2 cups berry juice, or coconut milk, or water
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt (optional)
  • Handfull of fresh berries or other chopped fruit or nuts to garnish
  1. Blend all ingredients (except fresh berries) together until smooth.
  2. Pour into glass.
  3. Garnish and serve 



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