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Lung protection

Protect your Lungs

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Protect your lungs - while chemicals are still being sprayed and splashed around in our environment.   

This is an extract from Cliff High's article at this link

Black cumin Oil is a multi-benefit product which is incredibly popular at BIO-SIL.


Black Seed Oil *(episodic, not a daily tonic).

Black seed oil should be taken as a teaspoon or more of the oil on the top of a cup of hot liquid such as tea. Coffee is ok to use as well, but note you should not have dairy with your black seed oil as it will bind up many of the oils' good qualities in the milk and they will not be absorbed properly.

Black teas seem to work best as carriers of black seed oil as they provide a synergistic effect with the caffeine

Black seed oil is best used for controlling episodes of 'chemie asthma'.

Black seed oil is a bronchial dilator and will open and release tensions in the lungs.

Black seed oil is also anti-tumor and is a general energy boosting substance.

Note to take plenty of probiotics as black seed oil can deplete your gut biome. Black seed oil is THE place to start for assistance with many forms of cancer as well.



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