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Liver Cancer Aid Protocol

vegan capsules from Natural Solutions
(compiled by Herbalist Lynn)   


I have found with 85% of all clients with liver cancer or any cancer that there are parasites and fungus present.  I do recommend that if a parasite cleanse has not happened over the last year to take 2 Parasite Eliminate capsules twice a day for one month then 1 twice a day for one month. 

Then recommend that client could do the fungus test*  to see if high levels of fungus ARE present, as this can cause a blockage around the liver.  IF this is positive then it is recommended to include 2 fungus eliminate capsules twice a day and undertake a 28 day internal cleanse consisting of only plant based foods.  


Probiotic - purchase a good natural probiotic and take as directed.  BIO-SIL has several excellent probiotics.

Essiac Herbal Tea - 50ml three times a day

Turmeric (with black pepper/ piperine) 2 capsules twice a day.  It is highly likely that you’ve heard the word “turmeric” lately; and not just used as a spice in cooking.  Caring physicians are asking patients to start taking a turmeric supplement to treat their aches and pains – with astounding results. Why?  Well, turmeric is quickly becoming the darling of both the cooking and the natural medicine world. It is a superfood that is thought to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits – and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Natural Solutions Astragalus   Astragalus has been studied extensively and has been found to be a valuable complementary therapy when used in conjunction with modern cancer therapies. It can help your body to withstand treatment with chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation better. It also reduces fatigue and promotes healthy blood cell counts.  Some people who have liver disease suffer from fluid accumulation and poor function of the heart. Astragalus can improve cardiac function and relieve cardiac chest pain.  Take 1 - 2 capsules twice a day.

After each meal (3 times a day) take 2 x Natural Solutions Liver Cancer capsules (if A blood group take only twice a day and 2 x Natural Solutions Cancer Supplement capsules twice a day.


Herbs in Natural Solutions Liver Cancer capsules:

Milk-thistle - contains flavonoids – specifically silymarin and silybin – in the seed shell. Silymarin is an antioxidant; is supposedly a protectant of the liver and has regenerative properties.  Research has been done on silybin’s effects on cancer, as well.  For example, it may repair liver tissue, block the growth of tumours, slow the growth of tumours, help some chemotherapy medications work more effectively, and may reduce the side effects of some chemotherapy medications.  According to Cancer Research UK, “The effects of silymarin in some early studies suggest that it might be helpful in preventing liver inflammation or liver cancer. No published clinical trials have looked at silymarin for preventing or treating cancer in humans.”  It should be noted that because milk thistle has antioxidant properties, it is generally contraindicated during chemotherapy, as antioxidants can block some of the cancer killing properties of chemotherapy.  Discuss the use of milk thistle with your physician if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

Dandelion Root and Leaf - Another herb that supposedly has anti-cancer effects is dandelion root extract. It has been used for many years to treat cancer, as well as jaundice and other liver diseases, although clinical studies are lacking to support the effect in humans.  It is not advisable to take this herb if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer as it has estrogenic activity – meaning that it “may increase the proliferation of hormone-sensitive breast cancer cells.”  What this boils down to is that it can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Dandelion root extract can also cause allergic reactions, as well as cause reactions with other prescription medications. It also as diuretic properties, meaning that people taking it may urinate more frequently

Blood Root - Known as a powerful anti cancer fighter herb blood root can help with so many ailments - it is an analgesic (pain reliever), anaesthesia, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, for asthma, athlete's foot, bacterial skin infections, bronchitis, burn wound healing, cancer, cough, croup, diuretic, dysentery (severe diarrhoea), dyspepsia (upset stomach), eczema, oedema, emetic (induces vomiting), emmenagogue (induces menstruation), expectorant, gastrointestinal conditions, halitosis (bad breath), heart disease, hypotension (low blood pressure), insect repellent, leprosy, liver tonic, migraine headaches, mouth and throat infections, muscle weakness, palpitations, parasites, pesticide, respiratory stimulant, rheumatic pain, ringworm, sedative, skin disorders, sore throat, tonic (gastrointestinal), tuberculosis, varicose ulcers.

Fennel -This little herb is blessed with a distinct flavour and the ability to cure digestive distress. Fennel seeds are enriched with a wide variety of nutrients which benefit your health in a plethora of ways. From treating heartburn to curing menstrual problems, fennel seeds can do it all. Fennel seeds contain high levels of selenium; this nutrient is known for its detox benefits for the liver. It boosts the production of enzymes in the liver and helps it detoxify naturally.

Anisee - Pimpinella Anisum  - taking the pressure of the liver this herb acts as a Digestive aid, it is also antispasmodic, antimicrobial, aromatic galactagogue.  Research is being done showing this herb as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antibacterial and has hepatoprotective agents.

Lime Blossom - Its antioxidant compounds, like quercetin and coumarin, prevent free radicals from causing apoptosis or mutation in healthy cells, which often lead to cancer. Relaxing nervine – helps to calm tension and irritability in the nervous system.  Anxiolytic – eases anxiety.  Antispasmodic – eases muscle cramping.  Hypotensive – assists in lowering blood pressure.  Vasodilator – helps to dilate blood vessels.  Demulcent – rich in mucilage which helps to soothe and protect tissues.  Diaphoretic – helps to promote perspiration.  Anti-inflammatory – eases inflammation. The most interesting health benefits include its ability to improve the immune system, prevent certain forms of cancer, eliminates anxiety, lowers inflammation, and lower blood pressure.  P-coumaric acid is another very beneficial organic compound known as a diaphoretic, meaning that it induces sweating, which is a very effective way of releasing toxins from the body, along with excess salts, fat, water, and foreign substances.

 Hibiscus - From producing proteins to secreting bile to breaking down fat, your liver is essential to your overall health. Interestingly, studies have shown that hibiscus may promote liver health and help keep it working efficiently. One study in 19 overweight people found that taking hibiscus extract for 12 weeks improved liver steatosis. This condition is characterised by the accumulation of fat in the liver, which can lead to liver failure.  Protects Liver: Research studies have also suggested that the antioxidant properties of Hibiscus may also help in treating liver disease. Antioxidants help to protect your body from diseases because they neutralise the free radicals present in body tissues and cells. Anti-Cancer Properties: Hibiscus tea contains hibiscus proto-catechuic acid which has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. A study conducted by the Department and Institute of Biochemistry at the Chung Shan Medical and Dental College, in Taichung, Taiwan suggests that hibiscus slows down the growth of cancerous cells by inducing apoptosis, commonly known as programmed cell death.  If fungus is present in the body, this herb has the ability to remove a fungal lining from the liver.

 Schisandra - is a potent berry for liver health - in TCM is it known as the “fruit of life”.  It is an adaptogen, which enhances the body ability to adapt to, and recover from stress.  It supports your body across the physiological system and provides protective benefits for the liver, which is the body’s engine for detoxification.  It helps regenerate liver tissue, and lowers levels of an enzyme associated with liver damage.  It also improves blood circulation and enhances detoxification. 



Natural Solutions recommend adding these three steps to the healing any dis-ease

 * One - Meditation - only through contemplation, reflection and meditation can we become receptive to being a channel for the cosmic power to flow through us - this providing self healing.  Meditation should only be done in a quiet non chaotic place.  We quieten our mind - and go within - where the kingdom of Life resides.  When we think of something inspirational we mentally say “God of our hearts let cosmic law be fulfilled.  We quieten the senses and become in-tune to the force of Life.

* Two - Visualisation - through the development of the power to visualise through the power of our faculties of imagery - we can receive impressions, we can create in our consciousness our body becoming rejuvenated -  overcoming disease asking, believing then ultimately receiving. 

* Three - Action - this need not be entirely on the physical plane.  If we are rising above the disease we have been presented with action is needed - action in meditation, action in visualisation, action in forgiving, action in changing that which has created the challenge of cancer.  Our will not others’ -  if you have been told or given a diagnosis, it is your choice to accept this, you will is higher than others’ and through reconnecting to your Higher Will and that of The Source of Life - saying “ Let it be your will” - not others’. 


These are the three points of the triangle of perfection - allowing personal developments within each step contributing to self mastery.



*Easy Fungus Test

Take a glass of water to bed. First thing in the morning, spit into the glass. Wait 20 minutes and check if the saliva has developed into “tendrils” spreading out in the water – this would be a positive identification of the presence of fungus.

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