Autism in Children and MMS

Advice given in this regard:

Virtually all Autistic children are born by C. section. After birth,
both mother and child are given intravenous antibiotics. In the child,
the microbiome is damaged resulting in an overgrowth of unfriendly
bacteria and parasites. Researcher, Andreas Kalcker realised that not
all children who received vaccinations developed Autism. The missing
link was the overgrowth of parasites in the children who developed
Autism. Andreas developed a treatment using an enema containing Chlorine
Dioxide (CD) (MMS). The killing potential of CD is different from Hydrogen
Peroxide (HP) in that CD only kills acidic bacteria, archaea, fungi,
protists and viruses and leaves the alkaline microbiota alone, unlike HP
which oxidises both the acidic and alkaline. Put another way CD kills
unfriendly bacteria and strengthens the friendly.  Andreas treated 133
Autistic children and had 100% success rate.

The treatment would be as follows:
1 activated drop of MMS (acid must be HCL and not citric acid) is mixed
into 1 litre of distilled water. An enema is used, and the treatment is
given using a bulb enema or catheter enema 3 times per day. Only a small
amount of the liquid is used (filling the bulb enema) 3 times per day.
The number of activated drops may be increased to a maximum of 4 drops.
Warning the reaction should be monitored closely for a reaction. Cut
dosage in ½ if there is a reaction (Herxheimer).

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