Amazing Testimonial – Covid Jab recovery :

Listen to Sean’s Testimony:

Good day everybody,

My name is Sean – I want to give you my real life account of what I have experienced. Just to give a bit of background of myself, I have pretty much been an active individual in my life. I have sailed across two oceans, am a diving instructor, free diver, sailboat instructor, motorboat ocean instructor …… also a camera operator, DOP videographer,
So all of those things, as you know, are physical activities that you do without even thinking and you are exercising without even thinking. I didn’t go into this exercise as an extremely unhealthy person. When Covid sort of started ending companies that I worked with started insisting that you had a vaccination card if you were going to take on projects up in Africa, on large film sets. It was worth a lot more money than I was making in South Africa because the industry hadn’t gotten going yet.
So I took the two vaccines and I took the booster as well in order for my certificate to stay updated. About 4 or 5 months later I had my first epileptic seizure where I was in the house with my son (aged 12) upstairs. According to his version of the story I just fell down, went into an extremely stiff and sort of (like Bruce Fordyce explained) arms extremely taut and tight but I also bit my tongue. I was a ship’s medic and my children have been trained from a very young age to know what to do, so when he saw blood coming out of my mouth, he turned me over and made sure that blood was coming out of my mouth, as opposed to drowning me. He said “I saw your face going blue so I just turned you over”. He had the cognisance to have emergency numbers on his phone – called the right people and I woke up in the ICU.

That was my first one, it quite a serious one. I came home, extremely stiff because during a seizure every muscle in the body tenses so it feels like you’ve exercised muscles you never thought you had. The second one was very similar – this time my daughter (aged 9) was with me. I don’t think children this age should ever have to deal with that happening to their father, the only parent in their life and it wasn’t very pleasant. I had about 4, 5 even 6 seizures after that, it kept happening. The meds were prescribed – they kept checking different levels at different times ….. kidney, liver and lung functions were normal and everything was fine.
Around or about the 4 th or 5 th time I had a different neurologist and a second opinion and he checked other levels and I had been on those prescribed meds ever since. Then I started having irregular heartbeat patterns – there were some days I was woken up with my heart pounding in my ear – I would always check out my heart monitor on my arm. In the beginning it was between 60 and 65 (before Covid) then during this medical phase it regularly starting being 95 / 100 which sounded odd.
Nevertheless that started increasing and getting worse and worse and worse, to the point where I ended up in the emergency rooms – the highest it was at one stage was 205. It is quite a frightening thing and the psychosis of it – lying in bed at rest and your heart is running at …….
It is an interesting psychosis because you think about your life and your children and what the hell’s going to happen – have you looked after them properly if you were gone and that became a very large problem for me. It set in a lot of panic and made it worse as well. But then eventually it got to a point where it was so bad one night – I couldn’t get it down – felt terrible – lying down – round about 11,30 at night and the first time I broke my right shoulder so I went into a seizure and came out of it lying in the same position about two hours later.
I thought maybe I got up and went to the toilet and had fallen down and hit something. I lay down and called the right people to say I had had a seizure. On that occasion I tore a whole chunk of my shoulder bone out where my bicep muscle and tendon were attached and pulled that right off. That had to be repaired surgically. My right arm is fine now I am happy to report.
Then similar time of night another time, same position. This time I couldn’t believe what was going on and couldn’t believe the pain I was in. So I realised that I had had a seizure again, called the right people, ambulance arrived very late – I was sitting there in a lot of pain. Got to the emergency ward – x-ray’d lying down as I could not stand up. My heart at that stage was running at 195. They tried every trick in the book but I know as a ship’s medic, that in the case of myocarditis there are tricks like taking the pipe off the blood
pressure machine and getting someone to blow in for as long as possible and it actually does slow your heart down! There are other tricks but eventually they just could not slow my heart down, so they put the pads on.
I have watched this plenty of times in the movies – I have simulated it in adverts and so in my mind I wondered what that feels like. I can honestly say you don’t want to find out. I think I lifted off that table and by the time I hit the table back down, I think I had uttered about 20 swear words at whoever was doing it.
To cut a long story short I had been talking to a friend, Graham before the last seizure which dislocated my shoulder and broke it in two places. He said he and another friend Craig, had been working together on some solutions about this and done a lot of research about it.

I said at that stage anything is a ‘Hail Mary’ for me because nothing is working that “they” are doing – everything the doctors are telling me is just not working. I will just try anything. I also looked through the research that they did and I went full tilt. I just did everything that they said and within the first week I could feel a difference. I had more energy, even my speech ….
I took Chlorine Dioxide (CDS), Diatomaceous Earth, activated Charcoal, Vitamin B1 – all of that stuff and it really did change my life because my close friends could tell I was repeating myself and I didn’t even realise it was happening.
I trusted my good friends and just did what they suggested. My heart has not gone above 70/75 since I started the regimen. I stopped taking meds. I’s been incredible – my heart is not fluctuating whatsoever and the seizures, though I have felt an onset of them .. I have only once lain down for a while I am testament to this – I have five friends who have lost their driver’s licences in my personal group of friends who had exactly the same symptoms as me, also did the same thing, were also involved in the film industry. It is a real thing, an absolute thing. It is just happening to too many people – there are even young kids in university or boarding school where some kid goes to sleep at night and he just doesn’t wake up in the morning. It’s diagnosed as a heart attack. These are fit human beings and that’s just not right, so something has to be done!

Thank you very much for listening.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Testimonial – Covid Jab recovery :”

  1. Shocking. I understand how many chose the jab for either work or personal travel. And now pay the price. Maybe we have all learnt a lesson about vaccines now. And in future will pause more before making life changing decisions and trusting so called authorities and the government. I have recommended to my wife and closest family and friends to stock up on a natural protocol to detox after a jab just in case we will be forced in future. And also to start a cyclic detox even without being jabbed because toxins are everywhere nowadays, in our food including organic fruit and vegetables, unless you grow your own you cannot tell what the retailers spray onto organic fruit and vegetables to keep them shiny and fresh. Toxins in our air. Etc We have entered a generation where everyone assumes going to an allopath regularly is normal and almost everyone is taking allopathic chemicals. It is time to wake up and take personal responsibility. And learn about holistic healing. Thank you for the testimonial I wish you well. It highlighted my concern and emphasised the importance of what I just said, personal responsibility and holistic healing.

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